Power Rankings: Back-to-back games hurt quality, not ranking

by | NBA Writer

If the NBA really wants the parity it trumpets in CBA negotiations, it should really consider shortening the schedule. Or at least if it prefers the most accurate representation of its teams.

The Blazers and Pacers both dropped games this week after playing in back-to-backs. They were good enough to win those games, but not on those back-to-backs. Teams deserve the chance to maintain their excellence without needing to play through exhaustion at that level.

Luckily, power rankings takes context of wins and losses into consideration, so at least here we get a different perception. The Pacers and Blazers are Nos. 1 and 2, after the Blazers' win over the Pacers boosts them up, but doesn't hurt Indiana since it was on a back to back.

And yet, all the scheduling balancing in the world can't save that wretched East. The Knicks looked like they had started to climb out of the hole. Instead, they followed up their second win by getting annihilated by the Celtics. The Wizards took their newfound success in stride by losing to the Bucks.

No amount of scheduling remedies are going to save that.

With that, here are this week's power rankings.


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