NBA Power Rankings: Look out, here come the Knicks and Nets

by | NBA Writer

Don't call it a comeback, but for the first time in months, both New York teams are back in the top half of the league. The Nets and the Knicks are a combined 10-2 since the calendar flipped to 2014 and the wins are against teams like the Spurs, Mavericks and Heat. They've got legitimate cause for optimism.

Yes, the East is terrible, but more than just the easy ability to sneak back into the playoff race is the fact that both teams are playing really well. Their defenses are grinding, and they're finding high quality shots for the first time this season. After multiple weeks, this is no longer just a blip or a dead cat bounce. It's easy to see a scenario where they collapse again, but right now, it looks like the boroughs are back.

And Toronto. Which is weird. Viva La Atlantic!

Here's this week's Power Rankings.


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