Team RankingPTS/GOPP PTS/G
Pacific Division114.9 (1st)104.1 (2nd)
Western Conference1st7th
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DateOpp.Result / TimeRecord
Oct 5Tor Won 95-871-0
Oct 8@Port Lost 101-1181-1
Oct 13Den Lost 103-1141-2
Oct 15Hou Won 123-1012-2
Oct 17@LAL Lost 70-852-3
Oct 20@LAC Lost 95-1302-4
Oct 22@LAL Won 136-973-4
Regular Season
DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordPts LeadersAst LeadersReb Leaders
Oct 27NO Won 111-951-0S. Curry (40)I. Smith (9)H. Barnes (9)
Oct 30@Hou Won 112-922-0S. Curry (25)D. Green (7)C. N'Dumba-Capela (8)
Oct 31@NO Won 134-1203-0S. Curry (53)S. Curry (9)A. Davis (15)
Nov 2Mem Won 119-694-0S. Curry (30)D. Green (8)F. Ezeli (10)
Nov 4LAC Won 112-1085-0S. Curry (31)C. Paul (9)D. Jordan (13)
Nov 6Den Won 119-1046-0S. Curry (34)S. Curry (10)K. Faried (11)
Nov 7@Sac Won 103-947-0S. Curry (24)R. Rondo (15)R. Rondo (12)
F. Ezeli (12)
Nov 9Det Won 109-958-0K. Thompson (24)D. Green (9)A. Drummond (15)
Nov 11@Mem Won 100-849-0S. Curry (28)M. Conley (9)J. Green (9)
Nov 12@Min Won 129-11610-0S. Curry (46)D. Green (12)K. Towns (11)
Nov 14Brook Won 107-9911-0S. Curry (34)D. Green (10)A. Bogut (18)
Nov 17Tor Won 115-11012-0S. Curry (37)S. Curry (9)J. Valanciunas (11)
Nov 19@LAC Won 124-11713-0S. Curry (40)D. Green (9)S. Curry (11)
Nov 20Chi Won 106-9414-0J. Butler (28)J. Butler (7)N. Mirotic (10)
P. Gasol (10)
Nov 22@Den Won 118-10515-0D. Arthur (21)
K. Thompson (21)
E. Mudiay (8)N. Jokic (11)
Nov 24LAL Won 111-7716-0S. Curry (24)S. Curry (9)A. Iguodala (9)
Nov 27@Pho Won 135-11617-0S. Curry (41)D. Green (10)D. Green (10)
Nov 28Sac Won 120-10118-0R. Gay (20)D. Green (12)D. Green (11)
F. Ezeli (11)
Nov 30@Utah Won 106-10319-0S. Curry (26)D. Green (7)R. Gobert (11)
Dec 2@Char Won 116-9920-0S. Curry (40)D. Green (9)D. Green (11)
A. Bogut (11)
Dec 5@Tor Won 112-10921-0S. Curry (44)K. Lowry (7)
S. Curry (7)
P. Patterson (10)
F. Ezeli (10)
Dec 6@Brook Won 114-9822-0S. Curry (28)D. Green (7)T. Young (14)
Dec 8@Ind Won 131-12323-0K. Thompson (39)S. Curry (10)A. Bogut (10)
Dec 11@Bos Won 124-11924-0S. Curry (38)I. Thomas (10)J. Sullinger (13)
Dec 12@Mil Lost 95-10824-1G. Monroe (28)
S. Curry (28)
G. Antetokounmpo (10)G. Antetokounmpo (12)
Dec 16Pho Won 128-10325-1K. Thompson (43)D. Green (10)A. Bogut (12)
Dec 18Mil Won 121-11226-1K. Thompson (27)S. Curry (9)G. Monroe (13)
Dec 23Utah Won 103-8527-1K. Thompson (20)S. Curry (9)A. Bogut (13)
Dec 25Cle Won 89-8328-1L. James (25)S. Curry (7)
D. Green (7)
K. Love (18)
Dec 28Sac Won 122-10329-1O. Casspi (36)S. Curry (10)
D. Collison (10)
S. Curry (14)
Dec 30@Dal Lost 91-11429-2J. Barea (23)J. Barea (6)Z. Pachulia (15)
Dec 31@Hou Won 114-11030-2K. Thompson (38)D. Green (16)D. Howard (13)
Jan 2Den Won 111-10831-2D. Green (29)D. Green (14)D. Green (17)
Jan 4Char Won 111-10132-2S. Curry (30)
K. Thompson (30)
D. Green (10)D. Green (15)
Jan 5@LAL Won 109-8833-2K. Thompson (36)D. Green (6)
S. Curry (6)
D. Green (12)
Jan 8@Port Won 128-10834-2D. Lillard (40)D. Lillard (10)
D. Green (10)
D. Green (13)
Jan 9@Sac Won 128-11635-2S. Curry (38)R. Rondo (12)A. Bogut (11)
Jan 11Miami Won 111-10336-2S. Curry (31)D. Wade (11)D. Green (12)
C. Bosh (12)
Jan 13@Den Lost 110-11236-3S. Curry (38)J. Nelson (9)
S. Curry (9)
D. Arthur (11)
Jan 14LAL Won 116-9837-3S. Curry (26)D. Green (4)
S. Livingston (4)
D. Green (9)
J. Randle (9)
Jan 16@Det Lost 95-11337-4S. Curry (38)D. Green (9)A. Drummond (21)
Jan 18@Cle Won 132-9838-4S. Curry (35)D. Green (10)D. Green (7)
Jan 20@Chi Won 125-9439-4D. Rose (29)S. Curry (11)A. Bogut (12)
Jan 22Ind Won 122-11040-4S. Curry (39)S. Curry (12)S. Curry (10)
D. Green (10)
H. Barnes (10)
M. Turner (10)
Jan 25SA Won 120-9041-4S. Curry (37)D. Green (6)D. Green (9)
Jan 27Dal Won 127-10742-4K. Thompson (45)S. Curry (9)A. Bogut (9)
Jan 30@Phi Won 108-10543-4K. Thompson (32)I. Smith (9)
D. Green (9)
A. Bogut (16)
Jan 31@NY Won 116-9544-4K. Thompson (34)D. Green (10)A. Bogut (12)
Feb 3@Wash Won 134-12145-4S. Curry (51)D. Green (12)D. Green (10)
Feb 6OKC Won 116-10846-4K. Durant (40)R. Westbrook (12)E. Kanter (15)
Feb 9Hou Won 123-11047-4J. Harden (37)S. Curry (9)D. Howard (15)
Feb 10@Pho Won 112-10448-4S. Curry (26)D. Booker (10)T. Chandler (10)
Feb 19@Port Lost 105-13748-5D. Lillard (51)D. Green (8)D. Green (12)
Feb 20@LAC Won 115-11249-5K. Thompson (32)D. Green (10)D. Jordan (21)
Feb 22@Atl Won 102-9250-5S. Curry (36)D. Green (9)A. Horford (16)
Feb 24@Miami Won 118-11251-5S. Curry (42)G. Dragic (7)
D. Wade (7)
S. Curry (7)
H. Whiteside (13)
Feb 25@Orl Won 130-11452-5S. Curry (51)D. Green (8)
S. Curry (8)
N. Vucevic (9)
Feb 27@OKC Won 121-11853-5S. Curry (46)D. Green (14)S. Ibaka (20)
Mar 1Atl Won 109-10554-5K. Thompson (26)D. Schroder (9)D. Green (13)
Mar 3OKC Won 121-10655-5S. Curry (33)K. Durant (9)A. Roberson (11)
Mar 6@LAL Lost 95-11255-6J. Clarkson (25)M. Huertas (9)
D. Green (9)
J. Randle (14)
Mar 7Orl Won 119-11356-6S. Curry (41)D. Green (10)A. Gordon (16)
Mar 9Utah Won 115-9457-6K. Thompson (23)S. Curry (10)R. Gobert (15)
Mar 11Port Won 128-11258-6K. Thompson (37)D. Green (7)D. Green (13)
M. Leonard (13)
Mar 12Pho Won 123-11659-6S. Curry (35)D. Booker (11)A. Len (13)
Mar 14NO Won 125-10760-6S. Curry (27)T. Douglas (8)A. Davis (13)
Mar 16NY Won 121-8561-6S. Curry (34)D. Green (10)D. Green (11)
Mar 18@Dal Won 130-11262-6K. Thompson (39)S. Curry (10)D. Lee (16)
Mar 19@SA Lost 79-8762-7L. Aldridge (26)D. Green (8)K. Leonard (14)
Mar 21@Min Won 109-10463-7A. Wiggins (25)R. Rubio (11)
S. Curry (11)
K. Towns (11)
Mar 23LAC Won 114-9864-7K. Thompson (34)C. Paul (8)D. Jordan (20)
Mar 25Dal Won 128-12065-7K. Thompson (40)D. Green (9)Z. Pachulia (13)
Mar 27Phi Won 117-10566-7K. Thompson (40)D. Green (11)D. Green (11)
R. Covington (11)
Mar 29Wash Won 102-9467-7S. Curry (26)J. Wall (11)D. Green (16)
Mar 30@Utah Won 103-9668-7S. Curry (31)S. Mack (9)R. Gobert (18)
Apr 1Bos Lost 106-10968-8S. Curry (29)D. Green (7)
M. Smart (7)
J. Sullinger (12)
Apr 3Port Won 136-11169-8S. Curry (39)D. Green (10)D. Green (10)
M. Harkless (10)
Apr 5Min Lost 117-12469-9S. Muhammad (35)S. Curry (14)A. Bogut (15)
Apr 7SA Won 112-10170-9S. Curry (27)S. Curry (9)A. Bogut (11)
K. Anderson (11)
Apr 9@Mem Won 100-9971-9M. Barnes (24)S. Curry (8)M. Barnes (15)
Apr 10@SA Won 92-8672-9S. Curry (37)K. Leonard (5)
S. Curry (5)
K. Leonard (13)
Apr 13Mem Won 125-10473-9S. Curry (46)S. Livingston (10)D. Green (9)
M. Barnes (9)
DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordPts LeadersAst LeadersReb Leaders
Apr 16Hou Won 104-781-0S. Curry (24)A. Iguodala (7)C. N'Dumba-Capela (12)
Apr 18Hou Won 115-1062-0K. Thompson (34)J. Harden (10)D. Green (13)
Apr 21@Hou Lost 96-972-1J. Harden (35)J. Harden (9)D. Motiejunas (13)
D. Howard (13)
Apr 24@Hou Won 121-943-1K. Thompson (23)J. Harden (10)D. Howard (15)
Apr 27Hou Won 114-814-1J. Harden (35)D. Green (8)D. Howard (21)
May 1Port Won 118-1065-1K. Thompson (37)D. Green (11)D. Green (13)
M. Plumlee (13)
May 3Port Won 110-996-1K. Thompson (27)D. Green (7)D. Green (14)
May 7@Port Lost 108-1206-2D. Lillard (40)S. Livingston (10)E. Davis (10)
A. Aminu (10)
May 9@Port Won 132-1257-2S. Curry (40)D. Lillard (10)M. Plumlee (15)
May 11Port Won 125-1218-2K. Thompson (33)S. Curry (11)D. Green (10)
May 16OKC Lost 102-1088-3R. Westbrook (27)R. Westbrook (12)S. Adams (12)
May 18OKC Won 118-919-3K. Durant (29)R. Westbrook (12)S. Adams (10)
May 22@OKC Lost 105-1339-4K. Durant (33)R. Westbrook (13)E. Kanter (11)
May 24@OKC Lost 94-1189-5R. Westbrook (36)R. Westbrook (11)A. Roberson (12)
May 26OKC Won 120-11110-5K. Durant (40)R. Westbrook (8)D. Green (14)
A. Bogut (14)
May 28@OKC Won 108-10111-5K. Thompson (41)R. Westbrook (10)D. Green (12)
May 30OKC Won 96-8812-5S. Curry (36)R. Westbrook (13)A. Roberson (12)
Jun 2Cle Won 104-8913-5K. Irving (26)L. James (9)L. James (13)
K. Love (13)
Jun 5Cle Won 110-7714-5D. Green (28)L. James (9)S. Curry (9)
Jun 8@Cle Lost 90-12014-6L. James (32)K. Irving (8)T. Thompson (13)
Jun 10@Cle Won 108-9715-6S. Curry (38)L. James (9)L. James (13)
Jun 13Cle Lost 97-11215-7K. Irving (41)
L. James (41)
L. James (7)L. James (16)
Jun 16@Cle Lost 101-11515-8L. James (41)L. James (11)T. Thompson (16)
Jun 19Cle Lost 89-9315-9D. Green (32)L. James (11)D. Green (14)
K. Love (14)

2015-16 Team Leaders
PPGStephen Curry , PG30.1
RPGDraymond Green , PF9.5
APGDraymond Green , PF7.4
FG%Stephen Curry , PG50.4
FT%Stephen Curry , PG90.8
3P%Stephen Curry , PG45.4
BLOCKSAndrew Bogut , C114
STEALSStephen Curry , PG169
MPGDraymond Green , PF34.7
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