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Team RankingPTS/GOPP PTS/G
Central Division96.7 (3rd)92.3 (2nd)
Eastern Conference10th2nd
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Regular Season
DateOpp.ResultRecordPts LeadersAst LeadersReb Leaders
Nov 2@Orl Won 90-781-0J. O'Neal (19)S. Francis (7)S. Francis (9)
Nov 3@Mia Won 105-1022-0D. Wade (31)D. Wade (10)J. O'Neal (9)
Nov 5Phi Lost 109-1112-1A. Iverson (29)A. Iverson (12)J. O'Neal (15)
Nov 9Mia Won 95-903-1D. Wade (29)J. Tinsley (6)
D. Wade (6)
U. Haslem (11)
D. Wade (11)
Nov 11NJ Won 102-904-1R. Artest (30)S. Jackson (7)S. Padgett (11)
Nov 12@Mil Lost 102-1034-2M. Redd (28)T. Ford (9)J. Magloire (14)
Nov 16@Char Lost 90-1224-3K. Rush (35)R. Felton (10)E. Okafor (12)
Nov 18Char Won 93-855-3J. O'Neal (29)B. Knight (14)J. O'Neal (18)
Nov 20Hou Won 85-746-3Y. Ming (24)
R. Artest (24)
J. Tinsley (8)Y. Ming (13)
Nov 24Cle Won 98-767-3R. Artest (21)J. Tinsley (7)L. James (10)
Nov 25Atl Lost 85-877-4J. O'Neal (30)J. Johnson (9)A. Croshere (15)
Nov 27@LAC Won 97-928-4R. Artest (22)
E. Brand (22)
J. Tinsley (8)J. O'Neal (13)
Nov 29@Utah Won 84-609-4J. O'Neal (21)J. O'Neal (4)J. O'Neal (15)
Nov 30@Pho Lost 91-1099-5S. Nash (31)S. Nash (9)S. Marion (12)
Dec 2@Port Won 98-7810-5J. O'Neal (27)S. Telfair (5)J. O'Neal (15)
Dec 4@Sea Lost 102-10710-6R. Artest (30)S. Jasikevicius (9)S. Jasikevicius (7)
Dec 6Dal Lost 75-8410-7D. Nowitzki (31)D. Harris (5)J. O'Neal (13)
Dec 8Wash Won 111-8711-7S. Jackson (30)A. Johnson (9)A. Jamison (12)
Dec 10Mem Won 80-6612-7J. O'Neal (20)S. Jasikevicius (8)J. O'Neal (14)
Dec 14@Bos Lost 71-8512-8P. Pierce (25)R. Davis (7)J. O'Neal (10)
Dec 16Utah Won 93-8313-8J. O'Neal (27)A. Kirilenko (10)M. Okur (12)
Dec 17@NY Won 102-9614-8J. O'Neal (31)J. Tinsley (7)C. Frye (12)
Dec 21LAC Won 97-7515-8E. Brand (29)J. Tinsley (8)C. Kaman (16)
Dec 23@Cle Lost 89-9415-9J. O'Neal (34)L. James (9)D. Gooden (12)
Dec 26@Dal Lost 80-10215-10D. Nowitzki (23)D. Harris (5)E. Dampier (14)
Dec 27@SA Lost 86-9915-11T. Parker (27)T. Parker (6)T. Duncan (9)
Dec 30Tor Lost 97-9915-12C. Villanueva (25)M. James (10)J. Foster (13)
Jan 2Sea Won 115-9616-12F. Jones (26)A. Johnson (6)R. Evans (12)
Jan 4@Den Lost 86-10616-13C. Anthony (23)
E. Boykins (23)
A. Miller (10)J. Foster (12)
Jan 5@GS Won 99-8917-13S. Jackson (27)B. Davis (7)I. Diogu (12)
Jan 8@Sac Won 108-8318-13S. Jackson (31)A. Johnson (4)
M. Bibby (4)
B. Miller (4)
J. Foster (10)
Jan 9@LAL Lost 90-9618-14K. Bryant (45)S. Jasikevicius (5)
K. Bryant (5)
J. O'Neal (16)
Jan 11Mil Won 112-8819-14S. Jackson (24)A. Johnson (7)J. Foster (8)
J. Magloire (8)
Jan 13Wash Lost 85-9419-15G. Arenas (37)G. Arenas (8)J. Foster (11)
Jan 14@Chi Won 91-8920-15S. Jackson (29)K. Hinrich (5)
S. Jasikevicius (5)
A. Johnson (5)
M. Sweetney (11)
Jan 16@NJ Lost 92-9720-16V. Carter (24)J. Kidd (10)A. Croshere (10)
R. Jefferson (10)
Jan 18Char Won 98-9221-16A. Johnson (27)B. Knight (15)A. Johnson (10)
Jan 20@Min Lost 85-9021-17W. Szczerbiak (20)A. Johnson (7)
M. Jaric (7)
E. Griffin (14)
Jan 21Chi Lost 89-10121-18S. Jackson (21)K. Hinrich (5)
A. Johnson (5)
T. Chandler (14)
Jan 23@Atl Lost 94-10421-19J. Johnson (28)T. Lue (7)
S. Jackson (7)
A. Croshere (8)
S. Jackson (8)
J. O'Neal (8)
Jan 24@Cle Lost 66-9621-20L. James (23)L. James (8)J. O'Neal (15)
Jan 27Cle Lost 89-9321-21L. James (30)L. James (9)D. Granger (14)
Jan 31@Wash Lost 79-8421-22G. Arenas (20)G. Arenas (5)
A. Jamison (5)
S. Jackson (5)
A. Jamison (18)
Feb 1LAL Won 105-7922-22P. Stojakovic (26)
K. Bryant (26)
A. Johnson (7)P. Stojakovic (13)
J. Foster (13)
Feb 4Det Won 93-8523-22R. Hamilton (31)A. Johnson (8)S. Pollard (14)
Feb 8Port Won 101-6924-22S. Jackson (25)
Z. Randolph (25)
S. Jasikevicius (7)S. Pollard (16)
Feb 10GS Won 107-9525-22S. Jackson (30)B. Davis (7)P. Stojakovic (8)
J. Foster (8)
Feb 12SA Lost 88-9225-23M. Ginobili (29)T. Parker (6)T. Duncan (11)
Feb 15Mil Won 88-7726-23A. Johnson (24)
M. Redd (24)
S. Jasikevicius (6)J. Foster (18)
Feb 21NO Won 97-7527-23C. Paul (27)S. Jackson (6)
C. Paul (6)
D. Granger (11)
Feb 23@Det Lost 83-8827-24R. Wallace (28)C. Billups (9)S. Pollard (11)
Feb 24Atl Lost 112-11727-25J. Johnson (40)J. Johnson (13)J. Foster (14)
Feb 26@NJ Won 101-9128-25R. Jefferson (23)J. Kidd (12)J. Foster (16)
Mar 1@Wash Won 99-9329-25G. Arenas (28)S. Jasikevicius (11)J. Foster (13)
Mar 3@Bos Lost 98-9929-26P. Pierce (31)P. Pierce (8)R. LaFrentz (11)
Mar 5@Phi Won 94-9330-26A. Iverson (33)A. Iverson (9)A. Iguodala (9)
Mar 7NY Lost 92-10730-27J. Rose (21)J. Rose (8)Q. Richardson (11)
Mar 8@Hou Lost 99-10330-28Y. Ming (38)R. Alston (14)J. Foster (16)
Mar 10@NO Won 92-9031-28P. Stojakovic (26)C. Paul (8)J. Foster (12)
Mar 12@Tor Lost 89-9331-29S. Jackson (26)A. Johnson (6)J. Foster (16)
Mar 13Orl Won 97-8332-29D. Howard (22)J. Nelson (10)D. Granger (12)
Mar 15Den Lost 99-10132-30C. Anthony (31)A. Miller (9)J. Foster (14)
Mar 17Sac Won 98-9333-30D. Granger (23)A. Johnson (9)
B. Miller (9)
J. Foster (16)
B. Wells (16)
Mar 19Bos Lost 88-10333-31P. Pierce (22)A. Johnson (8)J. Foster (12)
Mar 21@Mem Lost 75-10533-32P. Gasol (23)P. Gasol (7)P. Stojakovic (11)
D. Harrison (11)
Mar 22Chi Won 95-8534-32S. Jackson (24)A. Johnson (7)J. Foster (14)
Mar 24Det Lost 72-7534-33R. Hamilton (15)C. Billups (9)J. Foster (9)
Mar 26Phi Won 92-7935-33A. Iverson (26)J. Tinsley (14)J. Foster (14)
Mar 27@Mia Lost 91-9635-34S. O'Neal (23)J. O'Neal (6)S. O'Neal (11)
Mar 29@Atl Lost 93-9435-35P. Stojakovic (31)J. Johnson (8)J. Foster (11)
Mar 30Pho Lost 104-11435-36S. Marion (29)S. Nash (13)J. Foster (10)
Apr 1@Mil Lost 89-9635-37M. Redd (39)J. Tinsley (7)J. Foster (11)
Apr 4@Chi Lost 96-10235-38B. Gordon (23)C. Duhon (9)A. Nocioni (12)
Apr 5Tor Won 111-10336-38M. James (34)M. James (8)J. Foster (12)
Apr 7@NY Lost 96-9836-39P. Stojakovic (32)A. Johnson (7)Q. Woods (9)
Apr 9@Det Lost 73-9836-40T. Prince (17)S. Jasikevicius (6)B. Wallace (22)
Apr 10NY Won 101-8237-40S. Jackson (28)J. Tinsley (7)
J. Crawford (7)
A. Croshere (11)
Apr 12Bos Won 117-11238-40P. Pierce (30)J. Tinsley (9)J. O'Neal (15)
Apr 14Min Won 89-7739-40J. O'Neal (29)M. Jaric (5)J. O'Neal (12)
E. Griffin (12)
Apr 15@Char Lost 91-9239-41J. O'Neal (30)R. Felton (13)M. Ely (9)
M. Carroll (9)
Apr 17@Tor Won 120-9540-41M. Peterson (27)
P. Stojakovic (27)
A. Johnson (9)L. Woods (14)
Apr 19Orl Won 89-8341-41J. O'Neal (24)D. Granger (3)
A. Johnson (3)
J. O'Neal (13)

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