Team RankingPTS/GOPP PTS/G
Central Division103.6 (3rd)103.8 (3rd)
Eastern Conference9th5th
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DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordTickets
Oct 6Min Lost 77-1180-1
Oct 8@Det Lost 71-850-2
Oct 10Dal Lost 79-1050-3
Oct 11Det Lost 99-1110-4
Oct 15GS Won 98-941-4
Oct 17@GS Lost 108-1091-5
Oct 23@Min Lost 76-951-6
Oct 24@Chi Lost 104-1121-7
Regular Season
DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordPts LeadersAst LeadersReb LeadersTickets
Oct 28@Chi Lost 95-1080-1M. Redd (30)D. Rose (9)T. Thomas (10)
Oct 29@OKC Won 98-871-1R. Jefferson (20)
M. Redd (20)
C. Villanueva (20)
L. Ridnour (5)C. Villanueva (12)
Nov 1Tor Lost 87-911-2J. Calderon (25)R. Sessions (9)
J. Calderon (9)
C. Bosh (10)
Nov 2@NY Won 94-862-2Q. Richardson (28)R. Sessions (8)Z. Randolph (13)
Nov 5Wash Won 112-1043-2R. Jefferson (32)L. Ridnour (11)A. Bogut (13)
Nov 7@Bos Lost 89-1013-3R. Jefferson (20)R. Rondo (8)C. Villanueva (12)
Nov 8Pho Lost 96-1043-4S. O'Neal (29)L. Ridnour (7)
S. Nash (7)
A. Bogut (11)
G. Hill (11)
S. O'Neal (11)
Nov 11@Cle Lost 93-993-5L. James (41)L. James (6)A. Varejao (10)
Z. Ilgauskas (10)
C. Villanueva (10)
Nov 12SA Won 82-784-5T. Duncan (24)J. Vaughn (6)A. Bogut (17)
Nov 14@Mem Won 101-965-5R. Jefferson (26)L. Ridnour (7)L. Mbah a Moute (17)
Nov 15Bos Lost 97-1025-6P. Pierce (28)R. Sessions (5)
P. Pierce (5)
R. Rondo (5)
L. Mbah a Moute (9)
A. Bogut (9)
Nov 18@Den Lost 105-1145-7L. Kleiza (25)
C. Bell (25)
R. Sessions (6). Nene (6)
A. Croshere (6)
R. Sessions (6)
Nov 19@Utah Lost 94-1055-8C. Miles (25)
R. Jefferson (25)
R. Price (6)
L. Ridnour (6)
A. Bogut (20)
Nov 21NY Won 104-876-8C. Villanueva (20)
C. Duhon (20)
R. Sessions (10)A. Bogut (17)
Nov 22@Char Won 79-747-8G. Wallace (18)
R. Sessions (18)
R. Felton (5)E. Okafor (18)
Nov 24@Orl Lost 101-1087-9R. Jefferson (25)R. Sessions (8)D. Howard (13)
Nov 26@Atl Lost 96-1027-10R. Jefferson (25)J. Johnson (9)A. Horford (9)
Nov 28@Det Lost 97-1077-11R. Jefferson (21)
R. Sessions (21)
A. Iverson (7)D. Gadzuric (12)
Nov 29Cle Lost 85-977-12L. James (32)R. Sessions (8)Z. Ilgauskas (17)
Dec 3Chi Won 97-908-12C. Villanueva (23)L. Ridnour (10)D. Gadzuric (14)
Dec 5Char Won 101-969-12M. Redd (25)R. Felton (8)A. Bogut (10)
Dec 7@LAL Lost 92-1059-13K. Bryant (20)K. Bryant (7)A. Bynum (14)
Dec 9@Pho Lost 110-1259-14S. O'Neal (35)S. Nash (10)
L. Ridnour (10)
A. Bogut (11)
Dec 10@GS Lost 96-1199-15M. Redd (27)S. Jackson (8)A. Biedrins (14)
Dec 13Ind Won 121-10310-15M. Redd (27)
T. Ford (27)
L. Ridnour (6)
T. Ford (6)
A. Bogut (20)
Dec 15@Mia Won 98-8311-15M. Redd (21)M. Chalmers (8)
D. Wade (8)
A. Bogut (11)
Dec 17@Phi Lost 88-9311-16L. Williams (25)A. Iguodala (7)R. Evans (9)
Dec 19@NY Won 105-8112-16N. Robinson (21)
M. Redd (21)
C. Duhon (7)
L. Ridnour (7)
D. Lee (14)
Dec 20LAC Won 119-8513-16R. Jefferson (22)L. Ridnour (7)
J. Hart (7)
M. Camby (11)
Dec 23Utah Won 94-8614-16M. Redd (27)L. Ridnour (11)A. Bogut (11)
A. Kirilenko (11)
Dec 27Det Lost 76-8714-17T. Prince (19)R. Stuckey (6)
A. Iverson (6)
R. Wallace (12)
Dec 30@SA Won 100-9815-17M. Redd (25)T. Parker (10)A. Bogut (14)
Dec 31@Hou Lost 81-8515-18Y. Ming (22)L. Ridnour (11)L. Scola (10)
Y. Ming (10)
Jan 2Char Won 103-7516-18M. Redd (31)B. Diaw (6)E. Okafor (12)
Jan 3@Char Lost 92-10216-19G. Wallace (24)B. Diaw (7)R. Jefferson (7)
C. Villanueva (7)
Jan 5Tor Won 107-9717-19M. Redd (35)W. Solomon (11)L. Mbah a Moute (11)
C. Bosh (11)
Jan 7Phi Lost 105-11017-20A. Miller (28)M. Redd (7)
A. Iguodala (7)
A. Miller (9)
Jan 9NJ Won 104-10218-20M. Redd (24)V. Carter (14)V. Carter (9)
Jan 10@Min Lost 104-10618-21M. Redd (32)S. Telfair (11)K. Love (12)
Jan 12@Wash Won 97-9119-21N. Young (30)L. Ridnour (10)D. McGuire (10)
L. Mbah a Moute (10)
A. Bogut (10)
Jan 14Mia Lost 99-10219-22L. Ridnour (25)D. Wade (13)A. Bogut (11)
Jan 16@Sac Won 129-12220-22M. Redd (44)L. Ridnour (10)J. Thompson (11)
Jan 17@LAC Lost 92-10120-23R. Jefferson (24)M. Collins (10)M. Camby (13)
Jan 19@Port Lost 85-10220-24G. Oden (24)B. Roy (7)
S. Rodriguez (7)
G. Oden (15)
Jan 21Dal Won 133-9921-24C. Villanueva (32)R. Jefferson (8)C. Villanueva (10)
Jan 23@Atl Lost 87-11721-25C. Villanueva (27)M. Bibby (15)L. Mbah a Moute (10)
Jan 24Sac Won 106-10422-25R. Jefferson (20)
K. Martin (20)
B. Miller (9)B. Miller (13)
Jan 26Min Lost 83-9022-26A. Jefferson (23)L. Ridnour (9)M. Miller (10)
A. Jefferson (10)
Jan 28@Ind Lost 99-10722-27T. Ford (34)J. Jack (6)T. Murphy (13)
Jan 30@Tor Won 96-8523-27C. Villanueva (26)J. Calderon (11)C. Villanueva (13)
Jan 31Atl Won 110-10724-27C. Villanueva (27)L. Ridnour (9)
J. Johnson (9)
J. Smith (11)
Feb 3@NJ Lost 85-9924-28R. Jefferson (27)V. Carter (12)B. Lopez (12)
Feb 7Det Lost 121-12624-29R. Sessions (44)R. Sessions (12)T. Prince (12)
Feb 9Hou Won 124-11225-29R. Sessions (26)T. McGrady (5)C. Villanueva (9)
Y. Ming (9)
Feb 11Ind Won 122-11026-29R. Jefferson (32)R. Sessions (17)L. Mbah a Moute (11)
Feb 17@Det Won 92-8627-29R. Jefferson (29)T. Prince (8)
A. Iverson (8)
A. McDyess (14)
Feb 18Chi Lost 104-11327-30R. Jefferson (32)D. Rose (9)C. Villanueva (12)
Feb 20Cle Lost 103-11127-31L. James (55)L. James (9)C. Villanueva (13)
Feb 22Den Won 120-11728-31C. Villanueva (36)R. Sessions (8)C. Anthony (9)
Feb 25@Dal Lost 96-11628-32J. Howard (27)J. Kidd (9)B. Bass (11)
Feb 27@NO Lost 94-9528-33D. West (28)C. Paul (20)D. West (12)
Feb 28Wash Won 109-9329-33C. Villanueva (25)R. Sessions (10)A. Jamison (14)
Mar 3NJ Lost 95-9929-34C. Villanueva (24)
B. Lopez (24)
D. Harris (11)C. Villanueva (15)
Mar 4@Cle Lost 73-9129-35R. Jefferson (29)R. Sessions (8)A. Varejao (9)
Mar 6@Chi Lost 102-11729-36B. Gordon (34)R. Sessions (11)J. Noah (13)
Mar 7GS Won 127-12030-36R. Jefferson (35)S. Jackson (11)A. Randolph (8)
Mar 10NY Lost 112-12030-37L. Hughes (39)R. Sessions (9)D. Lee (18)
Mar 13NO Lost 86-9530-38C. Paul (30)C. Paul (9)T. Chandler (17)
Mar 15Bos Won 86-7731-38K. Perkins (26)R. Rondo (8)K. Bogans (12)
K. Perkins (12)
Mar 18Orl Lost 80-10631-39D. Howard (28)H. Turkoglu (7)
D. Howard (7)
D. Howard (12)
Mar 21Port Lost 84-9631-40B. Roy (30)R. Sessions (7)
B. Roy (7)
J. Przybilla (14)
Mar 25@Tor Lost 106-11531-41A. Bargnani (23)J. Calderon (11)C. Bosh (14)
Mar 27@Orl Lost 94-11031-42R. Lewis (19)
C. Bell (19)
R. Sessions (19)
R. Alston (5)
D. Howard (5)
M. Gortat (11)
Mar 28@Mia Lost 85-10231-43R. Jefferson (32)R. Sessions (8)U. Haslem (12)
D. Gadzuric (12)
Mar 30@NJ Won 107-7832-43R. Jefferson (29)R. Sessions (8)B. Lopez (10)
R. Jefferson (10)
Apr 1LAL Lost 98-10432-44K. Bryant (30)R. Sessions (16)R. Sessions (10)
L. Odom (10)
Apr 2@Phi Lost 95-10532-45L. Williams (21)A. Miller (11)S. Dalembert (10)
Apr 4Mem Lost 102-10732-46R. Gay (26)R. Sessions (11)M. Gasol (10)
Apr 8Atl Lost 105-11332-47J. Johnson (30)R. Sessions (8)
M. Bibby (8)
A. Horford (9)
Apr 11OKC Won 115-9833-47R. Jefferson (35)R. Sessions (9)R. Jefferson (9)
C. Villanueva (9)
K. Weaver (9)
Apr 13Orl Won 98-8034-47R. Jefferson (24)R. Jefferson (7)
R. Sessions (7)
M. Gortat (18)
Apr 15@Ind Lost 108-11534-48D. Granger (35)R. Sessions (12)L. Mbah a Moute (11)

2016-17 Team Leaders
PPGGiannis Antetokounmpo , SF22.9
RPGGiannis Antetokounmpo , SF8.8
APGGiannis Antetokounmpo , SF5.4
FG%Greg Monroe , C53.4
FT%Giannis Antetokounmpo , SF77
3P%Tony Snell , SG40.6
BLOCKSGiannis Antetokounmpo , SF151
STEALSGiannis Antetokounmpo , SF131
MPGGiannis Antetokounmpo , SF35.6
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