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NBA News

Wednesday January 28, 2015 9:22 AM
Two Iowa Energy teammates got into a skirmish in a timeout on Tuesday.
Wednesday January 28, 2015 12:28 AM
Golden State is incredibly, incredibly fun. You should probably watch this team play all of the time.
Tuesday January 27, 2015 11:02 PM
The Bulls, Grizzlies and the Cavs had nice nights on Tuesday.
Tuesday January 27, 2015 9:20 PM
Rajon Rondo can still get up, as he showed on Tuesday against Memphis.
Tuesday January 27, 2015 7:53 PM
Cleveland had quite the fast break off of a made basket on Tuesday.
Tuesday January 27, 2015 7:01 PM
Zach Harper answers all of your questions about the Atlanta Hawks, Hassan Whiteside, and much more.
Tuesday January 27, 2015 5:19 PM
Matt Barnes fined for swearing at a fan, but he says that fan was actually Suns' owner Robert Sarver.
Tuesday January 27, 2015 3:40 PM
The dual role of executive and coach can be a tricky balance but Stan Van Gundy is handling it properly at the moment.
Monday January 26, 2015 11:57 PM
Clippers big man goes swatting.
Monday January 26, 2015 11:07 PM
Marc Gasol plays with his head and Anthony Davis is a monster.
Monday January 26, 2015 8:50 PM
Anthony Davis rises and lands a massive jam off a high, high, high alley-oop.
Monday January 26, 2015 5:34 PM
Brooklyn is reportedly concerned about head coach Lionel Hollins' ability to reach his players.
Monday January 26, 2015 5:08 PM
Kobe Bryant reportedly will recruit for the Lakers in the summer and make his return next season.
Monday January 26, 2015 4:12 PM
With Kobe Bryant sidelined for possibly the rest of the season, Nick Young wants the ball in his hands.
Monday January 26, 2015 1:05 PM
When Kobe Bryant wanted to leave LA, he wanted to learn from Michael Jordan in Washington.
Monday January 26, 2015 12:10 PM
The Nets and Hornets are reportedly talking trade, and it could significantly shake up both teams.
Monday January 26, 2015 10:59 AM
Believe what you will about previous ills. But with LeBron James back and Timofey Mozgov buttressing the defense, the Cavaliers are finding their way.
Monday January 26, 2015 10:34 AM
Swaggy P is in the doghouse. He didn't even talk to the media on Sunday.
Monday January 26, 2015 9:43 AM
Warriors guard Stephen Curry has more hops than you think.
Sunday January 25, 2015 3:57 PM
Hassan Whiteside and the Heat shut down the Bulls at the United Center on Sunday.
Sunday January 25, 2015 1:51 PM
Miami center Hassan Whiteside had himself a Sunday block party.
Saturday January 24, 2015 9:22 PM
Brandon Jennings was in serious pain and had to be helped to the locker room after what looked to be an Achilles' injury.
Saturday January 24, 2015 1:02 PM
Aaron Gordon did something rude to Jose Calderon.
Saturday January 24, 2015 12:51 PM
The Cleveland Cavaliers have gone toward stabilizing the roster and now everything is cool with David Blatt.
Saturday January 24, 2015 11:50 AM
When you can leave Draymond Green speechless, you've done something amazing.
Saturday January 24, 2015 11:33 AM
Kobe Bryant posted video of his shoulder exam when he found out about the torn rotator cuff.
Saturday January 24, 2015 1:06 AM
Warriors guard Klay Thompson scored 37 of his 52 points in the third quarter on Friday.
Friday January 23, 2015 11:41 PM
Rockets guard James Harden has done everything this year.
Friday January 23, 2015 10:50 PM
Klay Thompson broke the all-time record for points in a quarter, and Atlanta has won 15 in a row. Big night.
Friday January 23, 2015 8:42 PM
BREAKING: The Atlanta Hawks are fun and good at basketball.
Friday January 23, 2015 8:25 PM
The MVP dunked all over the Hawks and their winning streak.
Friday January 23, 2015 5:36 PM
1-up for these reimaginings of NBA logos.
Friday January 23, 2015 3:52 PM
CBSSports.com NBA Insider Ken Berger and Jamie Erdahl look at the success of the Golden State Warriors this season.
Friday January 23, 2015 3:52 PM
CBSSports.com NBA Insider Ken Berger and Jamie Erdahl discuss Kobe Bryant¿¿¿s injury and what it means to his career and the Los Angeles Lakers.
Friday January 23, 2015 3:52 PM
CBSSports.com NBA Insider Ken Berger and Jamie Erdahl discuss who is deserving of a larger role at next month¿¿¿s NBA All-Star Game.
Friday January 23, 2015 2:38 PM
Denver ready to make a move if Nets center comes available.
Friday January 23, 2015 11:40 AM
Wizards guard gets a special edition of his signature show as he heads to New York.
Friday January 23, 2015 10:42 AM
Looking for some help with your daily lineup? Chris Towers and Zach Harper provide some good and bad values to consider.
Friday January 23, 2015 10:40 AM
With Kobe Bryant potentially out for the season, Zach Harper and Chris Towers discuss who could help fill in the gap in Los Angeles.
Friday January 23, 2015 10:40 AM
Are the Cleveland starters finally starting to click? Chris Towers and Zach Harper take a closer look at the suddenly surging Cavaliers.
Friday January 23, 2015 10:28 AM
CBSSports.com NBA writer Matt Moore has the latest on the Black Mamba's injury and if he could return this season.
Friday January 23, 2015 10:26 AM
CBSSports.com NBA writer Matt Moore discusses how losing Aldridge will affect the Trail Blazers and their playoff hopes.
Friday January 23, 2015 10:20 AM
Damian Lillard is like watching someone play a video game.
Friday January 23, 2015 9:11 AM
Giannis Antetokounmpo doesn't need many dribbles to go the entire length of the floor and dunk on you.
Friday January 23, 2015 12:25 AM
Evan Turner made a game-winning 3 in Portland on Thursday.
Thursday January 22, 2015 11:37 PM
Brook Lopez just got (Brandon) Knighted by DeAndre Jordan.
Thursday January 22, 2015 9:44 PM
It's throwback Thursday! Derrick Rose is doing awesome things.
Thursday January 22, 2015 8:35 PM
Spurs guard Manu Ginobili loves his fancy passes.
Thursday January 22, 2015 6:36 PM
Has Kobe played his last game? Dan Woike and Chris McGee join Jim Rome to discuss Kobe Bryant suffering a torn rotator cuff.
Thursday January 22, 2015 6:04 PM
Kobe Bryant will likely miss the All-Star Game with a torn rotator cuff. What does this mean for his career?
Thursday January 22, 2015 12:29 PM
Before the NBA announces the starters for the All-Star game, we give our picks. While we are in agreement on Lebron James, Pau Gasol, Stephen Curry, James Harden and Anthony Davis, you might be surprised on who else we think is deserving.
Thursday January 22, 2015 11:53 AM
The Warriors have dominated the Rockets this season, so naturally none of the Rockets will commend the Warriors.
Thursday January 22, 2015 11:10 AM
Will the Hawks just continue to win everything?
Thursday January 22, 2015 10:47 AM
Brandon Jennings accounted for a lot of points in the Pistons' win over the Magic.
Thursday January 22, 2015 10:31 AM
Kevin Durant put Marcin Gortat on a poster.
Thursday January 22, 2015 10:22 AM
Russell Westbrook is too quick, too fast, too furious, and too good. He covers a lot of ground for this winning layup.
Thursday January 22, 2015 10:12 AM
This man is way too big to be able to handle the ball and move this easily.
Thursday January 22, 2015 12:08 AM
The Thunder win a wild one vs. the Wizards, the Raptors collapse down the stretch and Kyle Korver dunks!
Wednesday January 21, 2015 8:08 PM
The King catches the fade route and goes up top.
Wednesday January 21, 2015 6:58 PM
Hip-hop mogul helps DC area artist give new spin on Wizards' threads.
Wednesday January 21, 2015 6:43 PM
Ten player teams from the best of the US and the best of international could be a tough test for the Americans.
Wednesday January 21, 2015 5:29 PM
Greatest of All Time gets emotional accepting business award.
Wednesday January 21, 2015 3:44 PM
Could the Spurs try and acquire the Blazers' talented big man? How do you not pick up the phone for the Spurs?
Wednesday January 21, 2015 3:24 PM
Former Suns and Mavericks star says this season with the Cavaliers will be his last.
Wednesday January 21, 2015 3:07 PM
Free agent to be recruited by the future Hall of Fame guard to play for the team that was once his bitter rival.
Wednesday January 21, 2015 2:46 PM
Rivers hypes up talk of adding two players whose teams didn't want them anymore and who were waived by Boston.
Wednesday January 21, 2015 2:20 PM
Lakers "star" says he's already telling players to come play for the Lakers, has his sights on Kevin Love, Marc Gasol.
Wednesday January 21, 2015 1:25 PM
It's a great time to be an owner of an NBA franchise.
Wednesday January 21, 2015 11:42 AM
Philadelphia rookie K.J. McDaniels talked about what it feels like to dunk on somebody and playing Slamball in his Birmingham backyard.
Wednesday January 21, 2015 10:06 AM
CBSSports.com NBA Writer Matt Moore makes his picks against the spread for tonight's game.
Tuesday January 20, 2015 10:22 PM
Oklahoma City went to Miami and earned a victory and numerous highlights.
Tuesday January 20, 2015 10:11 PM
Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried is very good at running and jumping.
Tuesday January 20, 2015 9:44 PM
Thunder forward Kevin Durant is putting on a dunk show.
Tuesday January 20, 2015 9:26 PM
Nuggets swingman Wilson Chandler got UP against San Antonio. Wow.
Tuesday January 20, 2015 8:19 PM
Chris Andersen could not keep up with the MVP.
Tuesday January 20, 2015 6:21 PM
Philadelphia veteran Jason Richardson posed with his birthday gifts on Instagram.
Tuesday January 20, 2015 6:10 PM
Dan Woike and Vincent Bonsignore join Jim Rome to discuss Derrick Rose's comments about his frustration with the Bulls after losing to the Cavs.
Tuesday January 20, 2015 6:06 PM
Golden State Warriors point guard Shaun Livingston joins Doug Gottlieb to discuss his decision to play for the Warriors, his expectations playing for head coach Steve Kerr, and much more.
Tuesday January 20, 2015 2:52 PM
Strong words from the Rockets All-Star before his team gets beaten by 25 points.
Tuesday January 20, 2015 2:23 PM
Zach Harper and James Herbert discuss the struggles of the Bulls, Rondo helping the Mavs, and preview tonight's games.
Tuesday January 20, 2015 12:53 PM
The Bulls can't get consistency out of their best guys, which is probably why there is so much frustration in Chicago right now.
Tuesday January 20, 2015 11:40 AM
DeAndre Jordan wasn't the best interview in the post game TV interview following the Clippers' win over Boston.
Tuesday January 20, 2015 11:31 AM
It's John Wall passing the ball in the open court. What's not to click?
Tuesday January 20, 2015 11:19 AM
Dion Waiters loves his new role on the Oklahoma City Thunder because he touches the ball.
Monday January 19, 2015 6:56 PM
If you're going to try to jump over five people, you should probably be able to jump over five people.
Monday January 19, 2015 4:18 PM
Zach Harper and Matt Moore discuss Russell Westbrook with the media, the top of the East, and preview tonight's games.
Monday January 19, 2015 4:11 PM
A fire alarm prompted an evacuation of the building prior to game set as the feature event to honor MLK Day.
Monday January 19, 2015 1:59 PM
Phoenix point guard Goran Dragic is in a contract year and approaching an important offseason.
Monday January 19, 2015 12:39 PM
Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has had to make some changes this season.
Monday January 19, 2015 12:01 PM
Clippers president and head coach Doc Rivers likes what his former team is doing.
Monday January 19, 2015 10:51 AM
Wizards forward Paul Pierce joked with reporters on the weekend.
Monday January 19, 2015 10:30 AM
Philadelphia big man Joel Embiid is denying that he is way too big.
Monday January 19, 2015 9:45 AM
Michael Beasley seems to be enjoying himself in China.
Monday January 19, 2015 8:55 AM
The Spurs never wavered while Kawhi Leonard was hurt, maintaining a solid pace. With Leonard back, San Antonio looks primed for another title run.
Sunday January 18, 2015 8:46 PM
Russell Westbrook did something athletic. Enjoy.
Sunday January 18, 2015 6:52 PM
Only three games on the schedule with Pelicans-Raptors, Thunder-Magic, and Jazz-Spurs but we review it all.
Sunday January 18, 2015 4:07 PM
Jimmer Fredette vs. K.J. McDaniels on a jump ball. You can guess what happened next.
Sunday January 18, 2015 3:47 PM
Greg Monroe of the Detroit Pistons pulled a Marshawn Lynch in his postgame scrum, which caused him to get popped with the microphone.
Sunday January 18, 2015 3:10 PM
Milwaukee Bucks' reserve guard Kendall Marshall has a torn ACL and will miss the rest of the season.
Sunday January 18, 2015 11:22 AM
Jarrett Jack can look away from a streaking teammate and deliver a pinpoint pass for the assist. Just watch him.
Saturday January 17, 2015 11:18 PM
The Hawks and Warriors continue being the best teams in the league.