2013 NFL Combine: Marquise Goodwin hopes to break 40-yard dash record

INDIANAPOLIS -- Texas wide receiver Marquise Goodwin had just 26 catches as a senior in Austin, but his speed and athleticism give scouts reason to think he’ll be much more productive in the NFL. When asked how fast he wanted to run in the 40-yard dash, Goodwin kept it simple: “Really fast.”

But just how fast?

“One of the fastest times, if not the fastest,” Goodwin said. “I want to run the fastest ever; that’s my goal. Chris Johnson has the record at 4.24. That’s my goal.”

Goodwin, whose best time in the 100-meter dash is 10.09, said he has matched the 4.24 40-yard-dash mark during practice drills. But more important, he’s looking to impress in the positional drills. The former track star says he’s a football player first who just happens to run fast.

“I’ve proved that I have more than just linear speed,” Goodwin said. “I have good hands, I run good routes and get out of my breaks. I can run other routes than just the ‘9.’ I’m tough, can take hits and block.”

Among the other drills in Indianapolis, Goodwin is also expected to impress in the broad jump after finishing 10th in the long jump at the London Olympics this past summer. The broad jump at the combine is slightly different than the long jump in the Olympics. At the combine, the player must jump from a stationary position and stick the landing. But Goodwin still has high expectations.

“The jump is a big goal of mine, as well,” he said. “I’m looking forward to it, as well as all the other tests. But broad jump especially -- the record is 11’5”.”

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