2014 NFL Draft: Historical reality check on QBs

Quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks.

The NFL drafted 178 of them this century and there will be more than usual in the 2014 lottery that begins Thursday.

Despite -- or maybe because -- this draft does not have one, single quarterback who is a consensus best pick, more prospects than usual are being discussed this year as candidates to be the No. 1 QB and also as first-round and top-100 selections.

After years of study on some of these players, NFLDraftScout.com projects up to four will be taken in the first round, six in the top 100 and 17 in the entire draft. NFLDraftScout.com tracked hundreds of quarterbacks now draft eligible, and has ratings on the top 102, of whom, 65 will probably get at least an invite for an NFL tryout.

That is higher than normal. Since 2000, NFL drafts have averaged 2.5 quarterbacks in the first round, five in the top 100 and 13 per draft.

The top three candidates to be the first quarterback selected this year are Central Florida's burly Blake Bortles, Texas A&M's magical Johnny Manziel, and Louisville's reliable Teddy Bridgewater. Still, some NFL scouts believe Fresno State's Derek Carr may be most NFL-ready. He is a fifth-year senior whose older brother went No. 1 overall to the Texans only a dozen drafts ago, and is now a free agent.

So they are all first-round possibilities.

Pittsburgh's strong-armed Tom Savage and Eastern Illinois' intriguing Jimmy Garoppolo are second-round projections and finish off NFLDraftScout.com's quarterback candidates within the top 100 picks.

While these are well-discussed names today, some of them will soon fade into football obscurity and other, less-discussed players may jump into the limelight.

It is simply the way it is, remember?


Well here is a reminder what happened to all those quarterbacks drafted in this century:

Yr/#QB pick/#Overall pick, PLAYER, COLLEGE, TEAM

1/1/16, EJ Manuel, Florida State, Bills
10 starts as rookie, 11 TDs, 9 INTs, 77.7 passer rating.
2/2/39, Geno Smith , West Virginia, Jets
16 starts as rookie, 12 TDPs, 21 INTs, team acquired Michael Vick.
3/3/73, Mike Glennon , North Carolina State, Buccaneers
13 starts as rookie, 19 TDPs, 9 INTs.
3/4/98, Matt Barkley , Southern Cal, Eagles
2013 third teamer behind Michael Vick, Nick Foles .
4/4/110, Ryan Nassib , Syracuse, Giants
Enters 2014 listed behind Eli Manning, Josh Freeman .
5/4/112, Tyler Wilson , Arkansas, Raiders
Now with Tennessee.
6/4/115, Landry Jones , Oklahoma, Steelers
Behind Ben Roethlisberger and Bruce Gradkowski .
7/7/221, Brad Sorensen , Southern Utah, Chargers
Competing with Kellen Clemens behind Philip Rivers.
8/7/234, Zac Dysert , Miami (Ohio), Broncos
Behind Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler .
9/7/237, B.J. Daniels , South Florida, 49ers
In Seahawks backup pool with Tarvaris Jackson , Terrelle Pryor .
10/7/249, Sean Renfree , Duke, Falcons
Spent rookie season on injured reserve.

1/1/1, * Andrew Luck , Stanford, Colts
Two seasons, two Pro Bowl selections.
2/1/2, *Robert Griffin, Baylor, Redskins
Great rookie season, knee problems in 2013.
3/1/8, Ryan Tannehill , Texas A&M, Dolphins
Miami's starter.
4/1/22, Brandon Weeden , Oklahoma State, Browns
After two seasons in Cleveland carousel now with Dallas.
5/2/57, *Brock Osweiler, Arizona State, Broncos
Possible heir apparent to Peyton Manning.
6/3/75, Russell Wilson , Wisconsin, Seahawks
Two Pro Bowl selections, one Super Bowl ring.
7/3/78, *Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State, Raiders
Al Davis' last pick (2011 supplemental draft) started, now in Seattle.
8/3/88, Nick Foles, Arizona, Eagles
Eagles starter, allowed Vick to be traded.
9/4/102, Kirk Cousins , Michigan State, Redskins
Started eight games over two years behind oft-injured RG3.
10/6/185, Ryan Lindley , San Diego State, Cardinals
Started four games in 2012, then became backup to Carson Palmer.
11/7/243, B.J. Coleman , Tennessee-Chattanooga, Packers
Never started, released in September 2013.
12/7/253, Chandler Harnish , Northern Illinois, Colts
Mr. Irrelevant, last draftee has been on/off and currently on Colts roster.

1/1/1, * Cam Newton , Auburn, Panthers
Three-year starter, selected to two Pro Bowls.
2/1/8, Jake Locker , Washington, Titans
Oft-injured starter last two seasons; no fifth-year option.
3/1/10, * Blaine Gabbert , Missouri, Jaguars
Three-year passer rating 64.5; traded to 49ers for sixth-round pick.
4/1/12, Christian Ponder , Florida State, Vikings
Started most of three seasons; 2014 prospects clouded.
5/2/35, Andy Dalton , TCU, Bengals
Three-year starter, named to one Pro Bowl.
6/2/36, Colin Kaepernick , Nevada, 49ers
Became starter in mid-2012, two NFC title games, one Super Bowl.
7/3/74, * Ryan Mallett , Arkansas, Patriots
Backup to Tom Brady heading into final contract year.
8/5/135, Ricky Stanzi , Iowa, Chiefs
Waived by K.C. Aug. 2013, claimed/waived/re-signed by Jaguars.
9/5/152, T.J. Yates , North Carolina, Texans
Started 5 games 2011; battling for roster spot in 2014.
10/5/160, Nathan Enderle , Idaho, Bears
With AFL Portland Thunder after stops with three NFL teams and one in the CFL.
11/6/180, Tyrod Taylor , Virginia Tech, Ravens
Still hanging on as backup.
12/7/208, Greg McElroy , Alabama, Jets
Now an ESPN SEC analyst after two-plus years in NYJ QB circus.

1/1/1, * Sam Bradford , Oklahoma, Rams
Beginning his fifth year as a starter in 2014.
2/1/25, Tim Tebow , Florida, Broncos
ESPN CFB analyst; 2011 starter; to Jets 2012; cut by Pats 2013.
3/2/48, * Jimmy Clausen , Notre Dame, Panthers
Unsigned 2014. Bad rookie year, waived inj.(shoulder) Aug. 2013.
4/3/85, Colt McCoy , Texas, Browns
Started 2010-2011 (6-15); traded to 49ers 2013; to Wash. in March.
5/4/122, Mike Kafka , Northwestern, Eagles
Signed with Bucs in 2/2014 after cut by Eagles (2012), Pats, Jags.
6/5/155, John Skelton , Fordham, Cardinals
Free agent. In 2013 cut by Cardinals, Bengals, 49ers, Titans.
7/5/168, Jonathan Crompton , Tennessee, Chargers
With Edmonton Eskimos (CFL) after stops with Pats, Bucs, Redskins.
8/6/176, Rusty Smith , Florida Atlantic, Titans
Signed with NYG 4/28/14 after three years with Titans.
9/6/181, Dan LeFevour , Central Michigan, Bears
With CFL Hamilton since 2012 after stops with Bengals, Colts, Jags.
10/6/204, Tony Pike , Cincinnati, Panthers
Retired. Waived injured 2011 (elbow); tried out for Bengals 2012.
11/7/209, Levi Brown , Troy, Bills
Free agent. Cut by Bills (2011); with CFL's Saskatchewan, Winnipeg.
12/7/239, Sean Canfield , Oregon State, Saints
Free agent. Never played. On and off active roster until Jan. 2012.
13/7/250, Zac Robinson , Oklahoma State, Patriots
On Bengals PUP 12/10/13 but waived last week. Cut by Pats in 2010, then Seahawks, Lions.

1/1/1, * Matthew Stafford , Georgia, Lions
Sixth-year starter after injuries limited play first two seasons.
2/1/5, * Mark Sanchez , Southern Cal, Jets
A 33-29 record first four years, cut 3-21-14; signed with Eagles on March 29.
3/1/17, *Josh Freeman, Kansas State, Bucs
Signed with NYG 4/16/14. Bucs starter 2009-2013, cut; 1 Vikes start.
4/2/44, Pat White , West Virginia, Dolphins
Joined CFL Edmonton 3/27/14. One year in Miami, Virginia (UFL).
5/4/101, Stephen McGee , Texas A&M, Cowboys
Joined Hamilton (CFL) in 2013; three years in Dallas, cup of coffee in Houston.
6/5/151, Rhett Bomar , Sam Houston State, Giants
Free agent since 2012; Saw no action with NYG, Vikes, Raiders.
7/5/171, * Nate Davis , Ball State, 49ers
Played Arena football since 2012; visited Seattle, Indy in 2011.
8/6/174, Tom Brandstater , Fresno State, Broncos
Didn't play for Broncos, Colts, Dolphins, Cowboys, Rams (2012).
9/6/178, Mike Teel , Rutgers, Seahawks
College coach since 2011, now with Rutgers. No NFL action, three teams.
10/6/196, Keith Null , West Texas A&M, Rams
Five INTs in 1 start (09); brief stops with Jaguars, Panthers (2010).
11/6/201, Curtis Painter , Purdue, Colts
With NYG (recent knee surgery); cut by Colts 2011, Ravens 2012.

1/1/3, Matt Ryan , Boston College, Falcons
Begins 7th year as starter (60-34), 2 Pro Bowl selections.
2/1/18, Joe Flacco , Delaware, Ravens
Begins 7th year as starter (62-34), SB XLVII MVP.
3/2/56, Brian Brohm , Louisville, Packers
With CFL Winnipeg after Packers, Bills, Las Vegas (UFL), Hamilton.
4/2/57, Chad Henne , Michigan, Dolphins
Gabbert's replacement for Jags (2012) after four years with Miami.
5/3/94, Kevin O'Connell , San Diego State, Patriots
FA since 2012 after stops with Lions, Jets, Dolphins, Chargers.
6/5/137, John David Booty , Southern Cal, Vikings
No real action with Vikings, Titans, Texans through 2010.
7/5/156, Dennis Dixon , Oregon, Steelers
Now with Bills; 2 SB rings, little action as Steeler, Raven, Eagle.
8/5/160, Josh Johnson , San Diego, Bucs
With Bengals since 3/21/13 after stops with Bucs, 49ers, Browns.
9/5/162, Erik Ainge , Tennessee, Jets
Retired 2011. Challenged by drug, alcohol, bi-polar issues.
10/6/186, Colt Brennan , Hawaii, Redskins
Cut by AFL Kiss 3/8/14 (brain injury). Tried Raiders, UFL, CFL.
11/6/198, Andre' Woodson, Kentucky, Giants
CFB coach since 2011 (WRs, Morehead State). Was with Redskins, UFL.
12/7/209, Matt Flynn , LSU, Packers
Returned to Pack 11/12/13. Celebrated flops with Seattle, Oakland.
13/7/223, Alex Brink, Washington State, Texans
With Montreal (CFL). Left Houston 2009, played in CFL since.

1/1/1, * JaMarcus Russell , LSU, Raiders
Record of 17-9, cut 5/6/10. Comebacks hurt by conditioning, codeine.
2/1/22, Brady Quinn , Notre Dame, Browns
Whiffed with Browns, Broncos, Chiefs, Hawks, Jets, Rams. So far.
3/2/36, Kevin Kolb , Houston, Eagles
Free agent. 4 years with Eagles (09-12). Tried with Cards, Bills.
4/2/40, John Beck , BYU, Dolphins
Joined BC Lions 2014 (CFL). Also a Dolphin, Raven, Redskin, Texan.
5/2/43, Drew Stanton , Michigan State, Lions
Backup for Cards after Lions (2007-11), Jets (2012), Colts (2012).
6/3/92, Trent Edwards , Stanford, Bills
Raider (again) after trying Bills, Jags, (Raiders), Eagles, Bears.
7/4/103, Isaiah Stanback , Washington, Cowboys
Free agent tried TE/WR/QB as Cowboy, Patriot, Seahawk, Giant, Jag.
8/5/151, Jeff Rowe , Nevada, Bengals
Free agent was with Bengals (07-08), Seahawks (08-09), Pats (09).
9/5/174, Troy Smith , Ohio State, Ravens
Joined Montreal (CFL, '13) after Ravens, 49ers, UFL Omaha, Steelers.
10/6/205, Jordan Palmer , Texas-El Paso, Redskins
Became a Bear (2013) after trying Redskins, Bengals, Jags and UFL.
11/7/217, Tyler Thigpen , Coastal Carolina, Vikings
Signed by Browns 5/1/14. Was with Vikes, Chiefs, Dolphins, Bills.

1/1/3, * Vince Young , Texas, Titans
Joined Browns 5/1/14; 30-17 as Titan (06-10), 1-2 as Eagle (11).
2/1/10, Matt Leinart , Southern Cal, Cardinals
FA lefty failed with Cards (06-09), Texans (10-11), Raiders (12).
3/1/11, Jay Cutler , Vanderbilt, Broncos
Was 17-20 at Denver (06-08); 39-28 at Chicago (09-current).
4/2/49, Kellen Clemens, Oregon, Jets
Signed with Chargers (3/12/14) after Jets (06-10), Texans, Rams.
5/2/64, Tarvaris Jackson, Alabama State, Vikings
Rejoined Seattle 6/13/13 after Vikes (06-10), Hawks (11), Bills (12).
6/3/81, Charlie Whitehurst , Clemson, Chargers
Joined Titans 3/13/14 after Chargers (06-09; 12-13), Seahawks (12-13).
7/3/85, Brodie Croyle , Alabama, Chiefs
Retired 5/21/12. Oft-injured with Chiefs (06-10), Cards (11-12).
8/5/148, Ingle Martin , Furman, Packers
Standout prep coach since 2011; tried Pack, Titans, Chiefs, Broncos.
9/5/164, *Omar Jacobs, Bowling Green, Steelers
Free agent never made an NFL roster, played some in Arena League.
10/6/193, Reggie McNeal, Texas A&M, Bengals
Did not make cut with Bengals, tried CFL Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton.
11/6/194, Bruce Gradkowski, Toledo, Bucs
A hometown Steeler (3/13/13) after Bucs, Browns, Raiders, Bengals.
12/7/223, D.J. Shockley , Georgia, Falcons
Has been with UFL Omaha since final season with Falcons (2010).

1/1/1, * Alex Smith , Utah, 49ers
Outlasted changes at S.F. (2005-20012) only to be traded to K.C.
2/1/24, *Aaron Rodgers, California, Packers
After Brett Favre left in 08, Rodgers became one of NFL's best.
3/1/25, Jason Campbell, Auburn, Redskins
Joined Bengals (3/19/14) after journey through Wash, Oak, Chi, Cle.
4/3/67, Charlie Frye , Akron, Browns
Asst. coach Central Florida. NFL teams: Cleveland, Seattle, Oakland.
5/3/69, Andrew Walter, Arizona State, Raiders
In AZ politics. Retired after shot with Raiders (05-08), Pats (09).
6/3/85, David Green e, Georgia, Seahawks
Retired 09 after being DNP for Seattle (05-06), NEP, KC, Indy.
7/4/106, Kyle Orton, Purdue, Bears
Backup in Dallas since 2012 after Bears (05-08), Broncos, Chiefs.
8/4/121, Stefan LeFors, Louisville, Panthers
Now a prep coach in Louisville. Was with 3 CFL teams through 09.
9/5/145, Dan Orlovsky, Connecticut, Lions
Rejoined Lions 4/2/14 (05-08), after time with Texans, Colts, Bucs.
10/5/152, *Adrian McPherson, Florida State, Saints
Calgary latest stop in odd college, legal, NFL, AFL, CFL and life.
11/6/213, Derek Anderson, Oregon State, Ravens
Carolina backup since 2011. Waived by Ravens; with Browns, Cards.
12/7/229, James Kilian , Tulsa, Chiefs
Now college coach. Tried Chiefs, Falcons, AFL and CFL.
13/7/230, Matt Cassel , Southern Cal, Patriots
Possible Vikes starter formerly franchised by Pats; Chiefs starter.
14/7/250, Ryan Fitzpatrick , Harvard, Rams
Became Texan 3/18/14. With Rams (05-06), Bengals, Bills, Titans.

1/1/1, Eli Manning, Mississippi, Chargers
Trick draftee. A NYG since 04 per post-pick deal. 2 SBs.
2/1/4, Philip Rivers, North Carolina State, Giants
Key to (04) Eli Manning trade; made SD's Drew Brees expendable.
3/1/11, Ben Roethlisberger, Miami (Ohio), Steelers
Starter since 04; 2-1 in SBs. Looks like Blake Bortles; oh wait. 4/1/22, J.P. Losman, Tulane, Bills
FA since 2012; cut by Bills 08; with Raiders, Seahawks, Dolphins.
5/3/90, Matt Schaub, Virginia, Falcons
Raiders starter. Traded twice: to Texans (07), to Raiders 3/21/14.
6/4/106, Luke McCown, Louisiana Tech, Browns
Saints backup (again). Browns to Bucs (05); with Jags, Falcons.
7/5/148, Craig Krenzel, Ohio State, Bears
On Buckeyes radio. Bears (04), Bengals (05) Tommy John surgery (06).
8/6/185, Andy Hall, Delaware, Eagles
Cut by Eagles 05; played with four AFL teams through 08.
9/6/187, Josh Harris , Bowling Green, Ravens
Ravens (04), Browns (04-05), Calgary (0-5), NYG (06), AFL to 2012.
10/6/193, Jim Sorgi, Wisconsin, Colts
Colts commentator. Colts player (04-09); did not make NYG (2010).
11/6/201, Jeff Smoker, Michigan State, Rams
Never played for Rams (04-05), Eagles, Chiefs. In AFL through 08.
12/7/202, John Navarre, Michigan, Cardinals
One start, five games in 3 years with Cards (04-06), Colts (07).
13/7/217, Cody Pickett, Washington, 49ers
Cowboy Cody tried 49ers, Texans, Raiders, WLAF, CFL, retired 2010.
14/7/218, Casey Bramlet, Wyoming, Bengals
Nothing with six NFL teams. WLAF World Bowl MVP with Hamburg (07).
15/7/225, Matt Mauck, Louisiana State, Broncos
Dentist in Aurora, CO. DNP for Broncos (04), 1 start Ravens (05).
16/7/248, B.J. Symons, Texas Tech, Texans
Investment banker was QB when AFL Tampa Bay went bankrupt (09).
17/7/250, Bradlee Van Pelt, Colorado State, Broncos
Little action as Broncos QB (04-05); comeback failed as DB (09).

1/1/1, Carson Palmer, Southern Cal, Bengals
Cardinals starter. Traded Bengals to Raiders (11), to Cardinals (13).
2/1/7, Byron Leftwich, Marshall, Jaguars
FA 2012. Sometimes starter (24-26) for Jags, Falcons, Bucs, Steelers.
3/1/19, Kyle Boller, California, Ravens
Retired 2012. 20-22 as starter with Ravens (03-07), Rams, Raiders.
4/1/22, Rex Grossman, Florida, Bears
Free agent. 25-22 in starts with Bears (03-08), Texans, Redskins.
5/3/88, Dave Ragone, Louisville, Texans
Fired Titans asst. (13). 2 Houston starts, Europe MVP all in 2005.
6/3/97, Chris Simms, Texas, Buccaneers
Media analyst after splotchy career with Bucs, Broncos, Titans twice.
7/4/110, Seneca Wallace, Iowa State, Seahawks
FA. Athlete served Seattle (03-09), Cleveland, N.O., S.F., G.B.
9/6/181, Corey Jenkins, South Carolina, Dolphins
Two stints with Miami, one in Chicago and finished in Winnipeg (07).
10/6/192, Drew Henson, Michigan, Texans
Last with Lions (08). After baseball tried Cowboys, Vikings, Lions.
11/6/200, Brooks Bollinger, Wisconsin, Jets
CFB coach since 2011. With Jets (03-05), Vikes, Cowboys, Lions.
12/6/201, Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech, Patriots
Texas Tech head coach. QB with 3 NFL teams, Cologne, Winnipeg.
13/7/232, Gibran Hamdan, Indiana, Redskins
A clothier since 2011 after well-traveled NFL, CFL, career.
14/7/241, Ken Dorsey , Miami, 49ers
Panthers staff since 2011. Tried QB for SF, Cleveland, Toronto.

1/1/1, David Carr, Fresno State, Texans
Free agent. Houston starter (02-06), also with Carolina, NYG, SF
2/1/3, Joey Harrington, Oregon, Lions
FOX CFB analyst. Detroit (02-05); Miami, Atlanta, N.O. (08).
3/1/32, Patrick Ramsey, Tulane, Redskins
Journeyman with 9 teams through 2009 without distinction.
4/3/81, Josh McCown, Sam Houston State, Cardinals
Signed with Bucs 3/12/14. Excellent Chicago fill-in in 2013.
5/4/108, David Garrard, East Carolina, Jaguars
Free agent. 39-37 in Jags starts (02-10). With Jets in 2013.
6/4/117, Rohan Davey, LSU, Patriots
Two SB rings for 19 total passes with Pats (02-04). AFL in 2013.
7/5/137, Randy Fasani, Stanford, Panthers
Became NorCal policeman, prep coach after brief career ended in 03.
8/5/158, Kurt Kittner, Illinois, Falcons
Illini radio network. Played in 03 for Falcons, then only action was with Amsterdam (05).
9/5/163, Brandon Doman, BYU, 49ers
BYU asst. coach (05-12) after three years with 49ers (02-04).
10/5/164, Craig Nall, Northwestern State, Packers
With Packers, Texans twice each, Bills once. Seven games for Pack.
11/6/186, J.T. O'Sullivan, Cal-Davis, Saints
With 11 NFL teams, last suited for CFL Saskatchewan in 2012.
12/6/205, Steve Bellisari, Ohio State, Rams
One season as safety with Rams; QB for four AFL teams through 2008.
13/7/216, Seth Burford, Cal Poly, Chargers
No discernible career with Chargers, Chiefs (03).
14/7/232, Jeff Kelly, Southern Mississippi, Seahawks
Saraland, Ala., prep coach (2011-current). In one game at Seattle.
15/7/235, Ronald Curry, North Carolina, Raiders
Sometimes flashy Raiders WR (02-08)
16/7/236, Wes Pate, Stephen F. Austin, Ravens
Did not make it with Ravens, sent to Europe League by Seahawks (03).

1/1/1, Michael Vick, Virginia Tech, Falcons
Joined Jets 3/21/14 after tumultuous career in Atlanta, Philly.
2/2/32, Drew Brees, Purdue, Chargers
Great pro for Saints since 06 when he was expendable in S.D.
3/2/53, Quincy Carter, Georgia, Cowboys
Retired in 09 after tough career with Cowboys, Jets, CFL, AFL, IFL.
4/2/59, Marques Tuiasosopo, Washington, Raiders
CFB coach since 09, USC since 2011 after 12 NFL years, three teams.
5/4/106, Chris Weinke, Florida State, Panthers
Madden Academy Director. Two NFL wins in career (01-07).
6/4/109, Sage Rosenfels, Iowa State, Redskins
Six NFL stops, twice each with Miami and Minnesota though 2012.
7/4/125, Jesse Palmer, Florida, Giants
Co-lead announcer for SEC Network. NYG (01-04); The Bachelor (04).
8/5/149, Mike McMahon, Rutgers, Lions
QB coach at Pace U. after numerous teams, leagues (Sweden, 2013).
9/5/155, A.J. Feeley, Oregon, Eagles
Six stops with five teams (Eagles twice), last with Rams 2011.
10/6/172, Josh Booty, LSU, Seahawks
After baseball tried football: LSU, Seattle, Cleveland, Oakland.
11/6/177, Josh Heupel, Oklahoma, Dolphins
Now Oklahoma OC; failed in NFL with Miami, Packers.

1/1/18, Chad Pennington, Marshall, Jets
Eleven years, 44-37 in starts with NYJ (00-08), Miami (09-10).
2/3/65, Giovanni Carmazzi, Hofstra, 49ers
Bombed with 49ers. Rhein Fire (01), BC Lions (04), Calgary (05).
3/3/75, Chris Redman, Louisville, Ravens
Played 30 games, 20 for Balt (00-03), 10 for Atlanta (07-11).
4/5/163, Tee Martin, Tennessee, Steelers
USC WR coach was with three NFL teams; CFL's Winnipeg (04-05).
5/6/168, Marc Bulger, West Virginia, Saints
Best years with Rams (02-09), 41-54 as starter. Retired 2011.
6/6/183, Spergon Wynn, SW Texas State, Browns
After Browns (00), Vikings (01-02) stretched career in CFL to 06.
7/6/199, Tom Brady, Michigan, Patriots
Three Super Bowl wins, two SB MVPs, 2 NFL MVPs, etc., etc.
8/6/202, Todd Husak, Stanford, Redskins
Retired in 04, played one game (Wash, 2000); Denver, NYJ, Cleveland.
9/6/205, JaJuan Seider, Florida A&M, Chargers
Began coaching preps 01, now running backs coach for WVU.
10/7/212, Tim Rattay, Louisiana Tech, 49ers
Some suprising record stats for 49ers, Bucs, Cardinals. UFL (09-10).
11/7/214, Jarious Jackson, Notre Dame, Broncos
Edmonton QB after seven seasons, three Grey Cups with BC, Toronto.
12/7/234, Joe Hamilton, Georgia Tech, Buccaneers
Coach recruiter at Ga. Tech after toiling six years in 3 leagues.

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