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Chiefs tell fan to 'get a clue' via Twitter, story goes viral

By Will Brinson | NFL Writer

On Monday, Travis Wright did what a lot of NFL fans do on Twitter: posted a complaint about his favorite team, the Chiefs, on the social media site. The big difference is that Wright got a response from the Chiefs Twitter account (via direct message), posted said direct message on Reddit, and watched the whole thing go viral.

First up is the message Wright, who happens to have 125,000 Twitter followers, posted on Monday, using @replies to alert the Chiefs and the NFL to his unhappiness.

Travis Wright wasn't thrilled with the Chiefs. (@teedubya)

This isn't even remotely unusual for Twitter. In fact, Wright's comments are pretty tame, all things considered. (Hop on Twitter and insult Kentucky basketball fans. Things will get weird, real quick.) The only difference is that Wright has a lot of Twitter followers.

So apparently that caused whoever runs the Chiefs Twitter account to shoot him a direct message telling him he needed to "get a clue."

Maybe KC forgot to change the password and Todd Haley still has access? Whatever the case, it probably seemed like a solid "Ha-ha-ha" moment for the much more powerful Chiefs Twitter account, shooting down a clueless fan. Until that fan posted the image above on Reddit, had the whole story go viral and forced the Chiefs official Twitter account to apologize.

Hysterically, Wright actually hasn't seen the apology because the Chiefs blocked his Twitter account. In other words, this whole scenario couldn't have possibly been more botched by whatever intern is running the show over there.

So what's the lesson here? One, please train whoever's running your social media, NFL teams. Two, if you're going to make a fan mad, make sure it's someone who's not a social-media manager by profession. Three, just because something isn't public on your Twitter timeline doesn't mean that it's just going to disappear into the ether. Direct messages are easily postable.

And four, you should be nice to your fans, even the angry ones.

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