• Drive Key:
  • Pass
  • Run
  • Penalty


8-7 Overall| 2-4 AFC EAST (3rd)
R. Tannehill10/27820040.03.045.6
M. Moore2/6530230.08.027.1
L. Miller38032.7350.0
D. Thomas96020.71031.0
B. Hartline25305026.5264.0
M. Wallace4380139.5461.0
C. Clay4320138.0448.0
R. Matthews19099.0124.0
D. Thomas13033.01031.0
M. Moore1010
M. Thigpen1010
B. Grimes1100
M. Moore1010
M. Thigpen1010
B. Grimes1100
P. Wheeler8-60.000
R. Jones7-30.000
O. Vernon5-00.000
N. Carroll5-11.010
D. Ellerbe5-50.000
B. Grimes5-10.000
R. Starks4-30.000
C. Clemons4-30.000
J. Odrick4-10.001
M. Moore3-10.001
D. Jordan3-10.000
J. Wilson3-00.000
C. Wake3-10.000
M. Wallace1-00.000
J. Freeny1-00.000
J. Jenkins1-00.000
P. Soliai1-40.000
J. Trusnik1-10.000
D. Jones1-10.000
D. Shelby1-00.000
K. Misi1-50.000
M. Moore0-10.000
B. Fields1050.1674
Kickoff ReturnsNOAVGTDLG
C. Clay18.008
A. Spitler10.000
M. Thigpen325.0030
M. Thigpen30.002


6-9 Overall| 3-3 AFC EAST (4th)
T. Lewis15/251930160.07.067.6
F. Jackson191111145.82180.0
C. Spiller20770233.82372.0
T. Lewis813071.6810.0
F. Summers27053.528.0
T. Graham1-20-2-2.0322.0
M. Goodwin1-30-3-3.0151.0
R. Woods37005723.3346.0
S. Chandler23101615.5239.0
T. Graham22701413.5322.0
C. Spiller3260128.72372.0
L. Smith12402424.016.0
C. Hogan28044.025.0
F. Jackson27073.52180.0
L. McKelvin2010
C. Spiller1010
S. Gilmore0010
L. McKelvin2010
C. Spiller1010
S. Gilmore0010
L. McKelvin4-20.010
K. Williams4-12.000
S. Gilmore3-00.000
N. Robey3-12.000
J. Leonhard3-10.010
K. Alonso3-50.000
M. Dareus3-00.000
N. Bradham3-10.000
M. Easley2-10.000
J. Byrd2-00.000
T. Powell2-00.000
C. Bryant1-00.000
R. Brooks1-10.000
D. Carpenter1-00.000
C. Hogan1-00.000
D. Searcy1-01.000
J. Hughes1-01.000
M. Williams1-01.000
S. Charles0-10.000
A. Branch0-20.000
M. Lawson0-10.000
D. Carpenter4/4451/113
B. Moorman636.3052
Kickoff ReturnsNOAVGTDLG
L. McKelvin40.007
1st Quarter
FG @ 6:42Dan Carpenter makes a 45 yard kick.
Drive: 6 plays, 68 yards in 1:46.
2nd Quarter
TD @ 13:18Fred Jackson runs for 9 yards (Dan Carpenter kick is good).
Drive: 9 plays, 57 yards in 4:47.
3rd Quarter
4th Quarter
FG @ 12:01Dan Carpenter makes a 21 yard kick.
Drive: 19 plays, 92 yards in 9:16.
FG @ 6:43Dan Carpenter makes a 22 yard kick.
Drive: 7 plays, 44 yards in 3:48.
FG @ 2:26Dan Carpenter makes a 26 yard kick.
Drive: 4 plays, 9 yards in 2:18.
4Q 1:45
3-11-BUF 33(:30) T.Lewis kneels to BUF 32 for -1 yards.
2-11-BUF 33(1:03) T.Lewis kneels to BUF 33 for no gain.
1-10-BUF 34(1:45) T.Lewis kneels to BUF 33 for -1 yards.
4Q 2:26
3-7-MIA 20(1:54) (Shotgun) Mat.Moore FUMBLES (Aborted) at MIA 24, and recovers at MIA 20. Mat.Moore pass intended for M.Wallace INTERCEPTED by L.McKelvin at BUF 34. L.McKelvin to BUF 34 for no gain (M.Wallace).
2-7-MIA 31(2:02) (Shotgun) Mat.Moore pass short middle to C.Clay to MIA 45 for 14 yards (J.Byrd). Caught at MIA 45, crossing from left. Buffalo challenged the pass completion ruling, and the play was REVERSED. (Shotgun) Mat.Moore pass incomplete short middle to C.Clay. Ball hit ground before being caught at MIA 45, crossing from left.
1-10-MIA 28(2:26) Mat.Moore returns at QB. (Shotgun) Mat.Moore pass short left to B.Hartline to MIA 31 for 3 yards (S.Gilmore). Caught at MIA 31.
D.Carpenter kicks 37 yards from BUF 35 to MIA 28. A.Spitler (didn't try to advance) to MIA 28 for no gain.
4Q 4:44
4-1-MIA 8(2:30) D.Carpenter 26 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-G.Sanborn, Holder-B.Moorman.
3-3-MIA 10(3:17) F.Jackson left guard to MIA 8 for 2 yards (R.Jones, D.Ellerbe).
2-5-MIA 12(4:00) F.Summers up the middle to MIA 10 for 2 yards (J.Odrick, P.Soliai).
1-10-MIA 17(4:44) F.Summers up the middle to MIA 12 for 5 yards (D.Ellerbe, P.Wheeler).
4Q 5:41
4-18-MIA 17(4:53) (Shotgun) R.Tannehill pass incomplete deep middle to M.Wallace (L.McKelvin) [M.Dareus]. Receiver overthrown, nearly intercepted at BUF 25.
3-10-MIA 25(5:31) (Shotgun) R.Tannehill sacked at MIA 17 for -8 yards (N.Robey).
2-10-MIA 25(5:34) (Shotgun) R.Tannehill pass incomplete short right to C.Clay. Overthrown, receiver at MIA 39.
1-10-MIA 25(5:41) (Shotgun) R.Tannehill pass incomplete short right. Thrown away, under pressure by M.Williams.
4Q 6:11
4-7-MIA 48(5:48) B.Moorman punts 23 yards to MIA 25, Center-G.Sanborn, out of bounds.
3-10-BUF 49(5:55) (Shotgun) C.Spiller left tackle to MIA 48 for 3 yards (J.Odrick). FUMBLES (J.Odrick), and recovers at MIA 48.
2-8-MIA 49(6:06) T.Graham right end to BUF 49 for -2 yards (C.Clemons, P.Wheeler). End-around, handoff from T.Lewis.
1-10-BUF 49(6:11) C.Spiller up the middle to MIA 49 for 2 yards (R.Starks).
4Q 6:35
4-10-MIA 8(6:17) B.Fields punts 43 yards to BUF 49, Center-J.Denney, out of bounds.
3-10-MIA 8(6:24) (Shotgun) R.Tannehill pass incomplete deep right to M.Wallace. Underthrown under pressure by N.Robey. Receiver at MIA 45.
2-10-MIA 8(6:30) (Shotgun) R.Tannehill pass incomplete deep right to M.Wallace [J.Hughes]. Overthrown under pressure, receiver near sideline at MIA 46.
1-10-MIA 8(6:35) R.Tannehill returns at QB. (Shotgun) R.Tannehill pass incomplete short left to Dan.Thomas (D.Searcy). Receiver dropped ball in coverage at MIA 5.
D.Carpenter kicks 68 yards from BUF 35 to MIA -3. M.Thigpen pushed ob at MIA 32 for 35 yards (D.Carpenter). Return credited to MIA 16 (spot of foul). PENALTY on MIA-R.Matthews, Face Mask (15 Yards), 8 yards, enforced at MIA 16.
4Q 6:46
4-1-MIA 4(6:46) D.Carpenter 22 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-G.Sanborn, Holder-B.Moorman.