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    After missing all of last season while rehabbing his knee injury, 49ers running back Marcus Lattimore is ready to play.
    Donald Jones, who had to retire from the NFL because of his kidney disease, is taking a shot at pro baseball.
    This is the 12th of a team-by-team series, analyzing five prospects that each team should consider in the 2014 NFL Draft
    Ravens coach John Harbaugh had his Miami (Ohio) bronze statue unveiled Saturday. He seemed to enjoy the moment.
    It's looking more and more likely that Terrelle Pryor has no future with the Raiders.
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  • Houston Injuries
    DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
    12/29/13TERyan GriffinKNEEPROBABLE
    12/29/13WRDeAndre HopkinsANKLEPROBABLE
    12/29/13WRAndre JohnsonWRISTPROBABLE
    12/29/13RBDennis JohnsonHIPQUESTIONABLE
    12/29/13RBGreg JonesKNEEPROBABLE
    12/29/13TDerek NewtonKNEEPROBABLE
    12/29/13LBBrooks ReedTHUMBPROBABLE
    12/29/13LBDarryl SharptonKNEEPROBABLE
    12/29/13DEAntonio SmithKNEEPROBABLE
    12/29/13GWade SmithKNEEPROBABLE
    12/29/13SD.J. SwearingerFOOTPROBABLE
    12/29/13LBJustin TuggleELBOWPROBABLE
    12/29/13CBJosh VictorianBACKPROBABLE
    12/29/13QBT.J. YatesBACKPROBABLE
    12/27/13TEGarrett GrahamHAMSTRING 
    12/27/13TEBrad SmelleyCALF 
    12/24/13CBJohnathan JosephLEFT TOE 
    12/22/13DEJ.J. WattHANDPROBABLE
    12/22/13CJon WeeksELBOWPROBABLE
    12/18/13RBBen TateRIBS 
    12/15/13CBKareem JacksonRIBSPROBABLE
    12/15/13SShiloh KeoILLNESSPROBABLE
    12/15/13CBBrice McCainGROINPROBABLE
    12/15/13LBJeff TarpinianGROINPROBABLE
    12/05/13LBWhitney MercilusHIPPROBABLE
    12/05/13LBMike MohamedHAMSTRINGPROBABLE
    12/05/13CChris MyersELBOWPROBABLE
    12/05/13SJawanza StarlingFOOTPROBABLE
    12/01/13CBElbert MackHAMSTRINGPROBABLE
    11/24/13TDuane BrownILLNESSPROBABLE
    11/24/13GBen JonesANKLEPROBABLE
    11/24/13GCody WhiteNECKPROBABLE
    11/17/13GBrandon BrooksTOE, KNEEPROBABLE
    11/17/13TAndrew GardnerKNEEPROBABLE
    11/17/13PShane LechlerILLNESSQUESTIONABLE
    11/17/13WRKeshawn MartinSHOULDERPROBABLE
    11/12/13RBArian FosterBACK Texans running back Arian Foster told the official team website that his back is fine and he'll participate in OTA sessions this month. Coach Bill O'Brien said as much late last month. 
    11/10/13NTEarl MitchellKNEEPROBABLE
    11/03/13SEddie PleasantTOEPROBABLE
    10/28/13LBBrian CushingTORN LEFT ACL Posting a picture of himself with his son from a beach, Texans linebacker Brian Cushing said via Twitter that he's been cleared for football. Cushing missed the last nine games of last season with a knee injury. 
    10/16/13CBA.J. BouyeRIGHT HAMSTRING 
    10/13/13LBBryan BramanNECK, KNEEPROBABLE
    10/13/13TRyan HarrisELBOWPROBABLE
    10/09/13TEOwen DanielsBROKEN LEG 
    09/15/13DETim JamisonFOOTPROBABLE
    09/10/13TDavid QuessenberryFOOT 
    09/09/13LBSam MontgomeryACHILLESPROBABLE
    Jacksonville Injuries
    DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
    03/04/14TEClay HarborLegQUESTIONABLEThe Jaguars have agreed to a new two-year deal with tight end Clay Harbor, a source tells NFL Network. Harbor had 24 catches for 292 yards last year before breaking his leg in December. 
    12/29/13TCameron BradfieldANKLEQUESTIONABLE
    12/29/13WRMike BrownWRISTPROBABLE
    12/29/13SJohnathan CyprienTHIGH, FOOTPROBABLE
    12/29/13SJosh EvansSHOULDERPROBABLE
    12/29/13RBMaurice Jones-DrewHAMSTRINGPROBABLE
    12/29/13DTJordan MillerSHOULDERPROBABLE
    12/29/13LBPaul PoslusznyGROINPROBABLE
    12/29/13WRAce SandersFINGERPROBABLE
    12/23/13DTRoy MillerSHOULDER 
    12/22/13TEMarcedes LewisTHIGHPROBABLE
    12/22/13GAustin PasztorSHOULDERPROBABLE
    12/22/13LBNate StuparNECKPROBABLE
    12/18/13LBRussell AllenCONCUSSION 
    12/17/13GWill RackleyCONCUSSION 
    12/17/13WRCecil Shorts IIIGROIN As Jaguars receiver Cecil Shorts enters the final year of his rookie contract, the 26-year-old must prove he can stay healthy and play 16 games, reports ESPN.com. Shorts missed 11 games over his first three seasons, including the last three games of 2013 with a sports hernia.
    12/15/13GUche NwaneriSHOULDERPROBABLE
    12/15/13SChris ProsinskiCONCUSSIONPROBABLE
    12/15/13KJosh ScobeeLEFT HIPPROBABLE
    12/15/13RBJordan TodmanSHOULDERPROBABLE
    12/09/13WRStephen BurtonCONCUSSION 
    12/09/13RBJustin ForsettFOOT 
    12/05/13DEAndre BranchKNEEPROBABLE
    12/05/13CBMike HarrisHIPPROBABLE
    12/01/13CBWill BlackmonSHOULDERPROBABLE
    12/01/13SWinston GuySHOULDERPROBABLE
    12/01/13LBJ.T. ThomasANKLEPROBABLE
    11/24/13DTAbry JonesBACKPROBABLE
    11/24/13TEDanny NobleHAMSTRINGPROBABLE
    11/24/13WRKerry TaylorTOEPROBABLE
    11/17/13DETyson AlualuELBOWPROBABLE
    11/17/13DTSen'Derrick MarksANKLEPROBABLE
    11/10/13WRDenard RobinsonHAMSTRINGPROBABLE
    10/27/13WRJustin BlackmonHAMSTRINGPROBABLEJaguars receiver Justin Blackmon, who's suspended indefinitely for a third violation of the league's substance abuse policy, can apply for reinstatement before the season begins. But the team is planning as if he won't be available, reports ESPN.com.
    10/27/13QBBlaine GabbertHAMSTRINGPROBABLE
    10/27/13DEJeremy MinceyCONCUSSIONPROBABLE
    10/08/13SDwight LoweryCONCUSSION 
    10/08/13TEAllen ReisnerKNEE 
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