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    On the latest Eye on Football Podcast, Will Brinson and Ryan Wilson talk Aaron Rodgers and Wisconsin basketball, Russell Wilson and professional baseball, and the new NFL rules.
    In January, days before the Patriots defeated the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX Steelers chairman Dan Rooney talked about bringing the game to Pittsburgh.
    Patriots coach Bill Belichick would like cameras on the sidelines and goal lines to give officials better replay angles.
    Former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison doesn't think a bunch of moves in free agency suddenly make the Jets competitive in the AFC East.
    Earlier this month, before the Texans released Andre Johnson, the 12-year veteran admitted he wasn't thrilled by the prospects of taking a reduced role in Houston's offense.
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    Defensive Matchup

  • New Orleans Injuries
    DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
    12/28/14SJamarca SanfordHAMSTRINGPROBABLE
    12/28/14TZach StriefNECKPROBABLE
    12/28/14DBKenny VaccaroQuadOUTIt has been revealed that Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro was inactive Sunday against Tampa Bay due to a quad injury that flared up in practice Friday.
    12/26/14DEAkiem HicksANKLE 
    12/15/14LBJunior GaletteNECKQUESTIONABLE
    12/15/14LBDavid HawthorneHIPPROBABLE
    12/15/14CBKeenan LewisILLNESSPROBABLE
    12/07/14RBTravaris CadetHAMSTRINGPROBABLE
    12/07/14RBMark IngramANKLE, TOEPROBABLE
    12/07/14LBKyle KnoxHANDPROBABLE
    12/07/14RBKhiry RobinsonFOREARMPROBABLE
    11/30/14CJonathan GoodwinTOEPROBABLE
    11/30/14GBen GrubbsNECKPROBABLE
    11/30/14LBCurtis LoftonANKLEPROBABLE
    11/24/14WRRobert MeachemANKLEQUESTIONABLE
    11/16/14PThomas MorsteadILLNESSPROBABLE
    11/09/14TEJimmy GrahamSHOULDERPROBABLE
    11/09/14WRKenny StillsTHIGHPROBABLE
    10/26/14LBRamon HumberANKLEQUESTIONABLE
    10/26/14CBPatrick RobinsonHAMSTRINGPROBABLE
    10/19/14RBErik LorigANKLEPROBABLE
    10/19/14LBRonald PowellILLNESSPROBABLE
    10/05/14SMarcus BallHAMSTRINGPROBABLE
    10/05/14TEBenjamin WatsonGROINPROBABLE
    10/05/14CBCorey WhiteFOOTPROBABLE
    09/21/14CTim LelitoBACKQUESTIONABLE
    09/21/14WRJoseph MorganKNEEPROBABLE
    Minnesota Injuries
    DatePosPlayerInjuryNFL StatusFantasy News
    12/28/14RBMatt AsiataFOOTPROBABLE
    12/28/14SRobert BlantonANKLEPROBABLE
    12/28/14SAntone Exum Jr.KNEEPROBABLE
    12/28/14DTSharrif FloydKNEEPROBABLE
    12/28/14TEChase FordFOOTPROBABLE
    12/28/14TMike HarrisFOOTPROBABLE
    12/28/14WRGreg JenningsHAMSTRINGPROBABLE
    12/28/14GCharlie JohnsonANKLEPROBABLE
    12/28/14SAndrew SendejoTHUMBPROBABLE
    12/28/14WRJarius WrightBACKQUESTIONABLEWith the release of veteran Greg Jennings, the Vikings are moving forward with Jarius Wright as their slot receiver. "We're in good shape with Jarius Wright, and Adam [Thielen] has gotten some snaps there as well," offensive coordinator Norv Turner told KFAN 1003.
    12/21/14DTLinval JosephILLNESSPROBABLE
    12/21/14CCullen LoefflerILLNESSPROBABLE
    12/21/14CBXavier RhodesWRISTPROBABLE
    12/21/14DEBrian RobisonANKLEPROBABLE
    12/21/14TEKyle RudolphANKLE, KNEEDOUBTFUL
    12/14/14RBJerome FeltonNECKPROBABLE
    12/14/14DEEverson GriffenLOW BACKPROBABLE
    12/14/14WRCordarrelle PattersonHAMSTRINGQUESTIONABLE
    12/14/14CBJabari PriceHAMSTRINGPROBABLE
    12/14/14SHarrison SmithSHOULDERPROBABLE
    12/10/14LBMichael MautiUNDISCLOSED 
    12/07/14TERhett EllisonANKLEPROBABLE
    11/30/14TMatt KalilKNEEPROBABLE
    11/26/14TPhil LoadholtTORN PECTORAL MUSCLE 
    11/23/14DEScott CrichtonHIPPROBABLE
    11/23/14CBCaptain MunnerlynNOT INJURY RELATEDPROBABLE
    11/02/14LBGerald HodgesHAMSTRINGPROBABLE
    11/02/14CBJosh RobinsonANKLEPROBABLE
    10/26/14GVladimir DucasseKNEEQUESTIONABLE
    10/26/14CJohn SullivanCONCUSSIONPROBABLE
    10/26/14DECorey WoottonBACKPROBABLE
    10/12/14QBTeddy BridgewaterANKLEPROBABLE
    10/02/14WRRodney SmithHAMSTRINGPROBABLE
    10/02/14LBBrandon WattsKNEEPROBABLE
    09/14/14RBZach LineANKLEPROBABLE
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