2013 NFL 'Madden 25' ratings revealed: Top 5 offensive players

We already knew some of the ratings in the newest EA Sports offering of their Madden franchise, Madden 25, thanks to the demo that was released this past week. Now we have a better idea of offensive rankings, thanks to a video release of the top five for each offensive positions.

You can listen and watch Michelle Beadle describe them in the video below, but I'm sure you'd rather read me describe them instead. What's that? Oh. I see. Alright.

So whatcha think? I'm more or less fine with the quarterback rankings myself. Aaron Rodgers (98), Tom Brady (97), Peyton Manning (97), Drew Brees (96), Matt Ryan (94) ...  that's a good list. The first four are the unquestionably elite guys in the NFL. It's a matter of who your fifth guy is and, for me, it's either Ryan or Eli Manning . I'm totally fine with Ryan. (But I bet New York Giants fans and people who tout quarterback wins as a statistic aren't.)

As for running back, there's no doubt that Adrian Peterson (99 overall; 97 speed, 98 aligity, 98 trucking, 97 elusiveness) is properly ranked.  Marshawn Lynch (96 overall), Arian Foster (95), Ray Rice (94), Jamaal Charles (94) are an interesting four to follow. I'm cool with it, but I bet Doug Martin and C.J. Spiller make this list next year.

The wide receiver/tight end top five is a little weird for me. No problems with Calvin Johnson (99 overall; 98 jump, 99 catch, 95 speed) up top, obviously. Rob Gronkowski (98) second though? I guess Madden doesn't factor in injuries, so this actually makes sense. Andre Johnson (97) third though??? Nah. He's awesome, but I'll take A.J. Green , Julio Jones , Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall instead. Jason Witten (96) and Jimmy Graham (96) probably has more to do with a) Witten being ahead of Graham because of blocking and b) they're elite tight ends and scored higher than a lot of wideouts. In other words, it's not a knock on the wideouts. Or something.

And on the offensive line, while I don't disagree that Evan Mathis (98) had a great year and is a great player, I'd probably go with a tackle over a guard just in terms of difficulty. But I understand the rankings and Joe Thomas (97), Marshall Yanda (97), Josh Sitton (96) and Joe Staley (96) are a solid group to round out the top five. You could maybe argue that Sitton shouldn't be that high (replaced by Mike Iupati perhaps?) but he's a very, very good guard.

Leave your thoughts on the top five in the comments and don't forget to tell me that you don't care about football that doesn't involve "real life" while you're at it.

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