2014 Super Bowl Odds: Cutler, Bradford injuries hurt Bears, Rams

Losing Jay Cutler dampens Chicago spirits and hurts the Bears' Super odds. (USATSI)
Losing Jay Cutler dampens Chicago spirits and hurts the Bears' Super odds. (USATSI)

Nothing will wreck a Super-sounding season quite like a major injury to your quarterback. Example A: the Chicago Bears (50-1), who saw their odds plummet this week after they spent much of the season climbing up the charts. Jay Cutler is only supposed to miss "at least four weeks," but that sort of expectation given the injury at question -- a torn groin in this case -- seems highly optimistic.

We'll get a good idea of Marc Trestman in the coming weeks though. He's got Josh McCown and Jordan Palmer as his backups. When Cutler went down in previous seasons, the Bears ship capsized due to the total lack of offensive firepower. If Trestman's reputation as an offensive guru is accurate, the Bears should experience much smoother sailing, even with a questionable captain behind the wheel.

But there's definitely no reason to be optimistic about them winning the Super Bowl. The Packers (12-1) and Lions (50-1) might not be dominating teams, but they're superior options to emerge from the NFC North.

For the Rams (300-1), things are much worse. Sam Bradford's season-ending ACL injury sufficiently wraps things up for St. Louis. They weren't in a good place to begin with and were probably losing to the Panthers (50-1) on Sunday regardless of Bradford's status. But the Kellen Clemens show -- "give 'em hell with Kell (!!!!) -- isn't the type of event that gets the privilege of charging high prices for tickets.

Mix in a division with the Seahawks and 49ers and it's no surprise that the Lou finds itself at the back end of the Super Bowls and falling fast.

Notable Movement
Speaking of the Panthers, it's easy to be feeling better about their chances to be a Super Bowl sleeper now isn't it? Sure wins against the Giants (150-1), Vikings (500-1) and Rams (300-1) are questionable at best. But the Panthers dominated those teams and were close to beating the Bills (250-1) and Seahawks (9-1).

Vegas isn't silly enough to let a little thing like a loss derail the Broncos (3-1) from the top spot of the betting odds. Moving them anywhere north of 5-1 range would likely create a massive influx of money on Denver, as if there wasn't enough already. It's a reminder that they're mortal though.

What did I say about the Chiefs (14-1) getting no respect? They're 7-0, should stretch things out to 9-0 eventually and are dominating teams on defense. Yet they remain the eight-highest odds out of anyone.

Team Week 7  Odds
Week 8  Odds
Team Week 3  Odds
Week 4 Odds
Denver Broncos 5-2 3-1 Philadelphia Eagles
50-1 66-1
Seattle Seahawks 11-2 9-1 Pittsburgh Steelers
100-1 66-1
New Orleans Saints 17-2 8-1 Houston Texans
75-1 100-1
San Francisco 49ers 17-2 17-2 Miami Dolphins
75-1 100-1
Green Bay Packers 12-1 12-1 New York Jets
150-1 100-1
New England Patriots 12-1 12-1 Washington Redskins
125-1 100-1
Indianapolis Colts 20-1 14-1 New York Giants
300-1 150-1
Kansas City Chiefs 20-1 14-1 Tennessee Titans
150-1 200-1
Cincinnati Bengals 18-1 16-1 Buffalo Bills
500-1 250-1
Dallas Cowboys 25-1 18-1 Arizona Cardinals
100-1 300-1
Carolina Panthers 66-1 50-1 Cleveland Browns
150-1 300-1
Chicago Bears 33-1 50-1 St. Louis Rams
150-1 300-1
Detroit Lions 40-1 50-1 Minnesota Vikings
300-1 500-1
San Diego Chargers 66-1 50-1 Oakland Raiders
500-1 500-1
Atlanta Falcons 66-1 66-1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1000-1 1000-1
Baltimore Ravens 50-1 66-1 Jacksonville Jaguars
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