2015 Super Bowl Odds: Peyton's Broncos final preseason favorite

The Broncos enter the regular season with 11-2 odds of winning the Lombardi Trophy. (USATSI)
The Broncos enter the regular season with 11-2 odds of winning the Lombardi Trophy. (USATSI)

When we last checked in our 2015 Super Bowl Odds, the draft was over and we were sorting out where teams stood. It's time for one final portrait, before the season kicks off on Thursday with Seahawks-Packers.

And the Seahawks won't be the top favorite heading into the year, with Peyton Manning and the Broncos jumping them just before the start of the season. These odds were taken from Bovada.lv as of noon on Wednesday, so it appears the Wes Welker suspension doesn't affect them. (No surprise: Welker will miss four games but the Broncos are almost a lock to still win double digit games.) 

Other items of note:

-- The Lions are skyrocketing up the board. Why? Good question. The guess isn't so much they did anything in particular causing Vegas to jump all over them so much as they were heavily undervalued at 50-1. I'd probably argue 33-1 is a little pricey for a team with defensive question marks and major transition. This offense could be prolific though.

-- Sam Bradford's injury was fairly pricey for the Rams who fell from 50-1 to 66-1, although not as pricey as you'd expect. If a high-end quarterback went down in the preseason you'd see a much bigger shift in odds. Vegas either loves Shaun Hill or, more likely, isn't too impressed with Bradford.

-- The Panthers fell down the hill from 28-1 to 50-1. Gonna go out on a limb and guess it has something to do with Cam Newton being injured, a lack of big-name wide receivers and a questionable offensive line. 

--  Surprising the 49ers haven't fallen farther after the Aldon Smith and Ray McDonald incidents. Jim Harbaugh's ability to coach up a team is highly respected and they've got plenty of offense.

-- The Saints flew up the board didn't they? Get off my bandwagon, people. 

-- Look at the right side. It's a freaking freefall. When you think about it, no real surprise. After the draft, in the heart of the offseason, Vegas doesn't want to extend anyone too far out in terms of odds and offer too much value. There are many, many unknowns about each team, about various players (or owners) getting suspended, injured, etc. While we only have four weeks of preseason to base our ideas about these teams, it's clear at least a little who might be better than expected and who might struggle again. 

Team Post-Draft Odds
Final Preseason Odds Trend
Team Post-Draft Odds
Final Preseason Odds Trend
Denver Broncos 7-1 11-2 Carolina Panthers 28-1 50-1
Seattle Seahawks 6-1 6-1 Kansas City Chiefs 33-1 50-1
New England Patriots 15-2 8-1 Dallas Cowboys 40-1 66-1
San Francisco 49ers 15-2 8-1 Houston Texans
40-1 66-1
Green Bay Packers 10-1 9-1 Miami Dolphins 50-1 66-1
New Orleans Saints 20-1 9-1 New York Giants 40-1 66-1
Philadelphia Eagles 22-1 20-1 St. Louis Rams 50-1 66-1
Chicago Bears 20-1 22-1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
50-1 66-1
Indianapolis Colts 20-1 22-1 Washington Redskins 50-1 66-1
Detroit Lions 50-1 33-1 Cleveland Browns 50-1 75-1
Arizona Cardinals 40-1 40-1 Minnesota Vikings 50-1 75-1
Atlanta Falcons 40-1 40-1

New York Jets 66-1 75-1
Baltimore Ravens 40-1 40-1 Buffalo Bills 75-1 100-1
Cincinnati Bengals 40-1 40-1 Tennessee Titans 75-1 100-1
Pittsburgh Steelers 33-1 40-1 Oakland Raiders 100-1 200-1
San Diego Chargers 40-1 40-1 Jacksonville Jaguars 100-1 250-1
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