A 400-pound tight end prospect could set an NFL Draft record in April

When the 2016 NFL Draft rolls around in late April, Baylor tight end LaQuan McGowan could set an impressive record by becoming the heaviest player ever selected in NFL Draft history.

McGowan weighed in at the Baylor pro day last week and the numbers are staggering: 6-foot-6 and 408 pounds, according to NFL.com.

His other numbers are even more eye-popping, however. McGowan ran a 5.41 and 5.55 40-yard dash, phenomenally quick for a 400-pound human being. He did the 20-yard shuttle in 5.49 seconds and the 3-cone drill in 8.25 seconds. These wouldn't win the combine (McGowan wasn't invited) but he's also working with an extra 100 pounds

McGowan flashed athleticism on the field for Baylor during the 2015 season, showing his moves with the ball on an 18-yard touchdown catch against Kansas.

The big man finished his college career with three catches, all for touchdowns. So, yeah, not so much a modern NFL tight end.

If he's drafted, however, he might end up being the heaviest player in NFL history.

Gil Brandt of NFL.com believes McGowan "has to be the biggest prospect we've ever had at a pro day." And Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk also points out McGowan has a chance to be the heaviest player ever:

"The heaviest player in NFL history was former Lions offensive tackle Aaron Gibson, whose listed weight got as high as 410 during his playing career. But Gibson weighed in at a svelte 386 at the 1999 scouting combine, so he was lighter when he entered the league than McGowan is now."

A couple things have to happen for this to work out. One, McGowan needs to get drafted.

Given his lack of interest before the combine and his lack of production in college, there's a decent chance he might end up being bypassed. 

And two, we'd need the NFL to verify his status as the heaviest player ever in league history. A look at Pro Football Reference indicates the scales might max out at 375 for historical league weights.

There is a very good chance if McGowan is taken -- regardless of how he's used -- he will be the heaviest player ever drafted by an NFL team

LaQuan McGowan is a big, big man. (USATSI)
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