Aaron Rodgers is at the Oscars and he's photobombing famous people

Aaron Rodgers is now photobombing people at the Oscars. (E!)
Aaron Rodgers is now photobombing people at the Oscars. (E!)

The NFL's best photobomber has officially taken his talents to Hollywood.

During the NFL season, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers loves to photobomb his teammates before home games. However, since it's the offseason, there aren't a lot of opportunities for Rodgers to pull off the perfect photobomb. That is, until the perfect opportunity came up on Sunday night before the Academy Awards. 

Rodgers is attending the event with his girlfriend Olivia Munn and at some point, the two got separated, which meant Rodgers was left all alone standing behind Common while Common was being interviewed by E! red carpet host Ryan Seacrest. 

That's when Rodgers decided to show off his photobombing skills to the country.

And the award for best Oscars photobomb goes to... AARON RODGERS!

Also, Common was raised as a Chicago Bears fan, so he basically had this coming if you think about it. Rodgers will probably be banned from the red carpet for life, but who cares because it was definitely worth it.

(UPDATE: Feb. 28, 11:20 p.m. ET) We have another Aaron Rodgers photobombing to report at the Oscars. 

By the way, if you're wondering how crazy Rodgers gets with his photobombs during the NFL season, here's a good one from a game just before Christmas in 2013.  

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