Actor Michael Chiklis could tell Vince Wilfork had torn Achilles

Vince Wilfork [bottom of the pile] suffered a torn Achilles on the Falcons first possession. (USATSI)
Vince Wilfork [bottom of the pile] suffered a torn Achilles on the Falcons first possession. (USATSI)

Sometimes when a player goes down with an injury in an NFL game, you can tell right away what that injury is, especially if you've suffered that same injury yourself.  

That's the case with Emmy-Award winning actor and celebrity Patriots fan Michael Chiklis. Chiklis was watching the Falcons-Patriots game on Sunday when Vince Wilfork went down with an apparent ankle injury in the first quarter. However, Chiklis knew right away it wasn't an ankle injury. Literally right after the injury happened, Chiklis sent out this tweet: 

After Wilfork was taken to the locker room and examined, the initial diagnosis on NBC's broadcast was that Wilfork had suffered an ankle injury. However, it turned out to be much worse than that. Just after 2 a.m. ET on Monday, the Boston Globe reported that Wilfork had in fact suffered a torn Achilles. 

"I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV" now has new meaning. 

Chiklis has been acting since he appeared on an episode of Miami Vice in 1989. Chiklis has appeared in several TV shows and movies throughout his almost 25-year career including starring roles in FX's The Shield, CBS' Vegas and playing the Thing in the Fantastic Four movies. And yes, he has played a doctor. 

You can go to Rob Lowe for your breaking sports news, I'm going to Chiklis for my injury reports.

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