Answer: A team name that isn't derogatory to one game show host

Alex Trebek, like most of us, is an opionated sports fan.
Alex Trebek, like most of us, is an opinionated sports fan. (Getty Images)

Question: What is the Washington Redskins?

Alex Trebek, legendary Jeopardy host, is a Redskins fan. And here are his thoughts on the team name, as told to Noreen Malone of the New Republic:

"They weren’t called the Redskins because we thought Redskins were terrible; it’s because we admire their strength, their abilities.” 

Honoring a group of people is one thing, but it does help to choose a term that's not so, well, polarizing. 

Regardless of what you think about that hot sports take on the team name, it's not flying in the Senate. Fifty senators, including majority leader Harry Reid, have signed a letter asking the NFL to do something about the Redskins team name

And regardless of what you think about the Redskins, I do encourage you to read the full profile of Trebek. A few key points to know:

  • He played rec league hockey with Dave Coulier
  • He enjoys a cocktail ("I’m not a true wine connoisseur. I’m just a drinker.")
  • He decided to shave his moustache on a whim one day, which freaked out Jeopardy's producers
  • He got his start in showbiz the same way most Canadians do, via Alan Thicke 
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