Bama's Derrick Henry weighs in at a whopping 247 pounds at NFL Combine

We've got our first big number of this year's NFL Scouting Combine: 247. As in, Heisman Trophy-winning Alabama running back Derrick Henry weighed in at two hundred forty seven pounds at the combine on Wednesday.

I mean, I guess we shouldn't be that surprised. Look how big this dude is:

For some perspective, former Alabama running back Eddie Lacy (who has taken some flak for his weight over the years) weighed in at 231 pounds when he was at the combine in 2013. Lacy reportedly weighed around 260 pounds this past season, though.

So for more perspective, consider that a weight of 247 pounds would have made Henry the heaviest (listed) running back in the league this season. (Note: There are 14 "running backs" listed heavier than 247 pounds on that list linked in the previous sentence, but 13 of them are fullbacks and one is an offensive lineman.) That's one pound heavier than LeGarrette Blount, 17 pounds heavier than Le'Veon Bell, and 30 POUNDS heavier than Adrian Peterson. He's huge.

Derrick Henry is a load. (USATSI)

Mind you, we're not trying to say Henry is fat. At 6-foot-2.5, he'd also be one of the tallest, if not the tallest, running backs in the league. Only six players listed as running backs by Pro-Football-Reference were taller than 6-2, and the only one that is actually a running back is Steven Jackson, who was pretty much not actually in the league in 2015.

So, yeah. Derrick Henry. Big, big dude.

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