Bengals CB Adam Jones found not guilty of assault

AdamJones was found not guilty. (USATSI)
AdamJones was found not guilty. (USATSI)

In June, Bengals cornerback Adam Jones was arrested and charged with assault after he was caught on video in a physical altercation with a woman outside of a Cincinnati bar.

On Tuesday, a Hamilton County judge found Jones not guilty.

Jones’ original story was that a pair of drunk women approached him and asked to take his picture. When he said no, one of them threw a beer bottle at him, striking him in the head. That’s when Jones slapped the women, which he claimed was self defense.

Here was the surveillance video taken at the time.

While Judge Bob Taylor said on Tuesday that Jones’ response was “lacking in civility,” he basically agreed with Jones’ assertion.

Taylor said the bottle that was in the hand of the woman, Shannon Wesley, was thrust toward Jones with force and that she aggravated the situation by pouring beer on him. Taylor said it was clear to him that Jones’ slap was in self-defense.

"It wasn't an action,” the judge said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “ It was a reaction."

So, Jones is clean in the eyes of the law. The question remaining is if the NFL deems fit to punish Jones in any way for the incident.

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