Browns fan creates Johnny Manziel beer, calls it 'Johnny Man'z Ale'

A beer that the city of Cleveland can get behind. (Twitter/@Dave_Robison)

Johnny Manziel doesn't have an official beer yet, but he might soon. A Browns fan in Ohio decided to pay homage to the team's newest quarterback by making a beer and naming it after Johnny Football. 

Ladies and gentleman, I give you 'Johnny Man'z Ale.' (Is Blake Beertles next?) 

Apparently, the guy brewed his own beer at a brewery that allows you to create your own labels for your newly brewed beer.

However, what that brewery doesn't have is a trademark office on site, so this brilliant beer name has yet to be trademarked. It's only $159 if you want to apply for the trademark.

Just remember though, if you get the trademark, there's a zero percent chance that the NFL will let you use the Browns logo and there's also a minuscule chance that you'll be allowed to use Manziel's face. Although he might let you if you promise him free Man'z Ale for life. 

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