Chad Johnson recalls concussions, describes playing through pain

On a Very Special Episode of Fantasy Football Today, six-time All Pro -- and FFT co-host! -- Chad Johnson shared his insights on topics ranging from playing through pain to when he felt confident enough to start calling out opposing players (and his real reasons for doing so).  

Johnson, who had seven 1,000-yard seasons in his 10-year career, spoke about his famous postgame interview (below) from 2006, which followed a vicious hit from Cleveland's Brian Russell. Johnson said he remembers nothing of the interview -- or anything after the hit -- but recalls the game events leading up to it. In "garbage time," Carson Palmer threw a slant route that was too high, and Russell, "went right up under my chin. Got me good... I was out cold."

Johnson also revealed one long-standing mystery: the "Hue" he was calling out in the video was his wide receivers coach, Hue Jackson. 

Some other highlights of the video:

 Johnson believes players understand the risks of football, comparing it to hockey. "When you play hockey, you know at some point you're going to have a few screws missing. A few teeth gone, you're going to have a few fights, a few black eyes. You don't go back and sue NHL because, look, this is what happened. You know what it comes with. You know what comes along with it." 

 Johnson never had his partially torn labrum repaired. And while he admits, "it's still messed up," it hasn't stopped Johnson from going about normal activities. "I still lift weights," he says. "I still train as if I'm playing."

 Johnson has been wrong on just two predictions over 11 weeks of Fantasy prognosticating. 

There are three videos in total.

In the second, Johnson describes his first career touchdown, discusses the learning curve of being a rookie wide receiver, gives his take on four promising rookie receivers, and explains what made him so successful as a receiver.

In the third clip, Johnson gives his opinion on some former teammates who are still playing, including Tom Brady, Carson Palmer, and Wes Welker (who, Johnson claims, is the best slot receiver to every play in the NFL).

For more Chad Johnson, tune in every Sunday morning at 11 a.m. (Eastern) on Fantasy Football Today, which airs exclusively on 

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