Charlie Weis calls John Harbaugh's comments on Patriots 'stained' titles 'a joke'

Weis on Harbaugh's remarks: 'That’s really, that’s a joke.  Not even worth commenting on.  It’s a joke.' (Getty Images)

Earlier this week, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh called the Patriots' championships "stained" due to the perception surrounding the Spygate scandal. Shortly thereafter, Harbaugh issued a statement to clarify his remarks.

“The original tweet indicated I pointed the finger at Bill Belichick and mentioned Bill’s name," Harbaugh said in part. "I did not. I have so much respect for Coach Belichick and the job he does and has accomplished in his Hall of Fame career. I called him to remind him of my respect for him. I also reached out to Tedy Bruschi, who rightfully defended those Patriot players and coaches on ESPN, to tell him that I agree with him that the Patriots earned every victory.”

On Friday, Kansas head coach Charlie Weis, who served as an offensive assistant on Belichick's staff during the Pats' three title runs, was asked about Harbaugh's comments.

“That’s a joke,” Weis said during an appearance on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio (via  “That’s really, that’s a joke.  Not even worth commenting on.  It’s a joke.  When people win championships, people win championships.  Every time somebody wins they are looking for a reason why the team won.  We won because we were the best team in those years.  We might not have had the best players but we always had the best team, including 2001 when we beat the Rams when we weren’t supposed to have a chance.”

Whatever your feelings about Harbaugh, Belichick, Weis or those three Patriots Super Bowl wins, it requires some mental gymnastics to make the leap from taping opponents' signals to parlaying that information into a modern-day football dynasty. (Former New England defensive coordinator Eric Mangini is sorry for spilling the beans, by the way.)

But even if you're not willing to accept that argument and remain convinced that the Pats cheated, Spygate took place more than four years ago. New England hasn't won a Super Bowl since, and the schadenfreude of how that undefeated 2007 season ended so ingloriously should more that mitigate any lingering pent-up hatred.

And even if it doesn't, Harbaugh's not doing himself or his team any favors by speaking publicly on the matter. Even if his comments were mischaracterized, it's not worth the ensuing hassle. He seemed to recognize as much during the original radio interview, admitting that he thought the Ravens had been the victims of cheating in the past though he stopped short of naming names.

“Yeah, I have, but if I say when, it’s gonna be like Pro Football Talk is gonna blow up like crazy." To which Pro Football Talk's Michael David Smith responded: "Consider PFT blowed up, Coach Harbaugh." 

Which illustrates our point exactly. 

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