Chiefs GM Scott Pioli takes responsibility for 1-5 start

Pioli thinks Crennel is 'doing a good job of handling this football team in a tough set of circumstances...' (US Presswire)

Mercifully, the one-win Chiefs are on their bye week. They have a lot to sort out in the 14 days between games, chief among them: settling on a quarterback. The candidates: incumbent Matt Cassel, who missed Week 6 with a concussion, versus Brady Quinn, the former Browns' first-round pick who spent 2011 as Tim Tebow's backup (not exactly a resume builder).

"What I told them is I'm rotating the quarterbacks," coach Romeo Crennel said Tuesday. "They will get equal reps. Both of them will get work, and then we'll evaluate it, and then next week we'll get ready for game week, and then we'll make a decision and go from there."

If history is any guide, whatever decision Crennel makes won't magically change the Chiefs' fate. They're just not very good. And that brings us to general manager Scott Pioli, who might be the least popular man in Kansas City.

On Wednesday, Pioli took responsibility for the team's current predicament.

“The record, the overall performance, the performance by everybody," the GM said (via the Kansas City Star) in response to a question about his biggest disappointment. … "We all have a hand in this thing, starting with me. Ultimately I’m responsible for the football operation, and we’re 1-5. We all need to do our jobs better, starting with me."

And how do you go about that?

"A big part of our problem is we are undoing things ourselves and we are making mistakes," he said. … "We’re having penalties at critical times. We’re having turnovers at critical parts of the field. We’re making mistakes on defense and giving up big plays that are critical. We’re having penalties on special teams at critical moments. … The mistakes we’re making, based on the timing of those mistakes, are making those mistakes exponentially worse.”

Pioli also deflected a question about a possible contract extension with the Chiefs.

"We don’t talk about players’ contracts, we don’t talk about coaches’ contracts, anybody who has a contract, we don’t talk about those things," he said. "It’s an organizational philosophy that I believe in as well. That’s where it’s at.”

We mention this because's Jason Cole tweeted this Thursday:

We're also guessing Pioli won't comment on this. Either way, Cole is right, it's not earth-shattering -- Dwayne Bowe isn't jazzed about being franchised and probably isn't crazy about the guys tasked with throwing passes in his general vicinity.

In light of Cole's tweet, there was speculation that the Dolphins might be in the mix for Bowe's services, a move that makes sense for both parties: Miami is desperate for a big-play wide receiver and Kansas City needs draft picks to restock the roster.

For now, however, the Dolphins don't appear to be interested.

Of course, things could change. Reportedly, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has made it clear that a No. 1 receiver is a top priority, and Bowe fits the description.

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