Chip Kelly responds to wedding invite from Eagles fans

Chip Kelly's calendar is booked for May 10. (USATSI)
Chip Kelly's calendar is booked for May 10. (USATSI)

If you want Eagles coach Chip Kelly to attend your wedding, don't plan it the same weekend as the NFL Draft.

Two Eagles fans in Philadelphia invited Kelly to their May 10 wedding, but as you can see in the RSVP below, Kelly can't attend because he has something else going on that day. 

Thomas Froschle and Maryanne Goslee, the couple getting married, don't seem too disappointed that Kelly can't make it to the event, they're just excited he answered the RSVP, "We weren't really expecting anything. It was almost like a gag, really," Froschle said of sending the invite, via the Eagles official website

The fact that Kelly can't attend is actually Roger Goodell's fault because the May 10 wedding was scheduled before the 2014 draft was moved. The draft has been held in April since 1986.  

Froschle and Goslee are serious Eagles fans and that's something everyone at their wedding will quickly realize, "The tables are all decorated as Eagles players, and we’re also setting up a Chip Kelly table," Goslee said. "We're coming out to the Eagles fight song too, so it's getting pretty intense."

That means if you're one of the lucky ones attending the Froschle-Goslee wedding and you're not an Eagles fan, you may want to brush up on the fight song. You can practice learning the words below. 

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