Connor Barwin thanks Texans' fans and many others in newspaper ad

Connor Barwin thanked a lot of people in an ad placed in the Houston Post. (Connor Barwin Facebook)

Taking out a newspaper ad to thank fans has become a hot trend for departing free agents this offseason. Ed Reed did it when he left Baltimore. Greg Jennings did it when he left Green Bay and now former Texans linebacker Connor Barwin is doing it in Houston.

Only Barwin, who signed with the Eagles in mid-March, has added a slightly different twist: he didn't just thank Texans' fans, he also seemingly thanked everyone he crossed paths with during his four years in Houston.

In the ad, which ran in the Houston Post, Barwin thanked his cleaning lady, his pizza delivery guy, his limo guy, Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert, his popcorn guy, several Texans' beat writers, a car dealership, Shaun Cody, the mayor of Houston and bread. Yes, bread. Although its unclear if he's thanking a type of bread -- white, wheat, rye -- a person named Bread or the Los Angeles-based rock band Bread.    

Barwin also thanked a local movie theater for giving him four years of free movies -- and cheesecake. Not the Cheesecake Factory, just cheesecake. 

The newspaper ad bar has now been set for all future departing free agents.  

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