Darnell Dockett deletes tweet about divorce, not blaming O.J. Simpson

Darnell Dockett weighs in on marriage, O.J. (USATSI)
Darnell Dockett weighs in on marriage and O.J. Simpson. (USATSI)

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Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett isn't afraid to speak his mind, and it usually takes place on Twitter. Often, it's funny, other times it's just weird (and ultimately not true). But on Saturday, Dockett probably would've been better off saying nothing at all.

It started innocently enough:

And then Dockett tweeted this, via TheSource.com (sic'd): "When you get married and shit don't work out... She want 1/2 'HALF' and see that's where I have a issue.. I don't blame OJ nevermind. Ttyl."

Not surprisingly, coming down on the side of O.J. Simpson tends to rankle folks, especially on social media.

Dockett deleted the tweet a short time later and offered this explanation:

Worth noting: O.J. wasn't innocent of murdering two people, he was found not guilty.

Meanwhile, some people have suggested that Dockett may have been referencing Chris Rock's old bit about O.J. ("I'm not saying he should've killed her ... but I understand" -- It's NSFW but you can see it here.) And maybe he was. It's just that having those conversations in a public forum will come with a heavy dose of criticism, which likely explains why Dockett decided to delete the tweet.

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