Deion Sanders and Jim McMahon approve of Johnny Manziel's lifestyle

Deion Sanders was known for making an off the field headline or two. (Twitter/NFLonFox)
Deion Sanders was known for making an off-the-field headline or two. (Twitter/NFLonFox)

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Long before Johnny Manziel was riding inflatable swans, there were other NFL players who drew significant off-the-field attention, and one of those players was Deion Sanders. In a recent radio interview, the Hall of Famer was asked about Manziel's partying and Prime Time said he approved.  

"The quarterback mold was created by Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady," Sanders told 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. "When we don't see [partying] from those guys, we kind of think it's wrong because we don't see it. That does not mean that Johnny Manziel has done one thing wrong. We just haven’t seen something of his kind. I like it. I love change."

Manziel spent some time this summer partying with Justin Bieber, but that doesn't mean Manziel's like Justin Bieber. Sanders said the two are different. 

"The kid hasn't done anything. They're putting him out there like he's Justin Bieber -- like he's egging folks on and doing wild and rich folks stuff," Sanders said. "He's not doing stuff like that. He's a good kid."

Another player famous for his off-the-field antics also approves of Manziel's ways. Former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon, who once mooned the media in the week leading up to Super Bowl XX, says as long as Manziel produces, he should do whatever he wants. 

"I read something a couple weeks ago where he said I'm not worried about what people say. And that's good for him. You can't worry about what everybody is going to think of you," McMahon told USA Today Sports. "As long as you're doing your job, it doesn't matter what you do off the field. As long you're playing between the lines, I don't care what you do."

In that case, Manziel has less than a week to get all of the partying out of his system because Cleveland's rookies report to training camp on July 23. 

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