Dez Bryant: 'Big chance' for new deal from Cowboys

Dez Bryant says there's a 'big chance' he lands a new contract.
That was a good play. (USATSI)

This offseason the Cowboys took care of an important young player on their offense ... who wasn't Dez Bryant. Tyron Smith definitely warranted a new deal but so does Bryant.

And it might finally be happening -- Dez told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram he believes there's a "big chance" of landing a new deal.

“I honestly feel like what I do, sooner or later, I’m going to get what I deserve,” Bryant said. “I believe it. That’s why I don’t stress about it. There’s no need to stress about it. It’s coming. I know it’s coming, so no need to worry about it."

Bryant was at a Cowboys event where the team promoted itself as the "glitz and glamour" of the NFL. Part of that "glitz" is having a high-profile wide receiver (the glamour is probably the 8-8 side of things?) and an offense that can put up points in a hurry.

With Dez, he's a viable top-five NFL receiver at this point. And he wants to be paid like one, even if he says he won't let the contract discussions distract him from the season and he would prefer to cut off negotiations if a deal isn't done before the season starts.

“That’s me all day,” Bryant said. “I don’t want to talk about it any more [once the season starts]. Put it behind me. I love this game. Either way, I feel like I can’t be distracted once I’m on the football field."

The problem for the Cowboys is Bryant might very well end up having a massive season because their defense will require their offense to throw the ball 60 times a game. If he puts up some silly numbers, it's only going to mean more money out of the Cowboys pocket.

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