Dez Bryant: Tyrann Mathieu is 'best player in the draft'

If one current NFL receiver was picking first, it sounds like he’d select Tyrann Mathieu. (USATSI)
If one current NFL receiver was picking first, it sounds like he’d select Tyrann Mathieu. (USATSI)

As we get ever-so-much closer to discovering whom the Chiefs will take with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft -- will it be Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher or a defensive player? -- it most likely won’t be the right decision according to Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant.

That’s because Bryant’s top player isn’t likely to go in the first round -- and also won’t be throwing himself a shindig afterward, either.

So, who is Bryant’s top player?

Bryant went on to explain his love for former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu in this way on Twitter: “I'm not saying what i say matters...I'm just giving my opinion on this draft like everyone else” and “Damn I didn't know I couldn't have an opinion... people are funny lol.”

I imagine Bryant is probably one of the few observers who believes that Mathieu -- who might have failed at least 10 drug tests while in school -- is the top talent in the draft.

For example, ranks him as the 10th-best cornerback prospect in the draft and predicts that he’ll go in either the second or third round. Some say his character issues might push him down the draft boards even lower.

“Mathieu's skills have never been the issue,”’s Evan Hilbert wrote. “A ballhawk while at LSU, Mathieu was the recipient of the 2011 Chuck Bednarik Award, which is given to the nation's top collegiate defender. He was later dismissed from LSU for violating team rules, and he entered a Houston rehab center for help managing his marijuana use. And thus, his draft stock plummeted. Still, if Mathieu can convince teams he can keep his behavior in check, he could be a late-round steal. Or he could be a first-round pick. In this draft, it's hard to tell.”

Apparently not in the eyes of Bryant.

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