Did Browns show their FA board during presser? (Browns say no)

UPDATE: CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora says he hears the board in question is not for free agents, but rather for video collections for possible free agents.

Of course, that means the Browns also want video of Rex Grossman. Ew.

The Browns were very excited about their recent free-agent additions and held a press conference on Wednesday to introduce their new players.

Awkwardly, behind GM Ray Farmer was a big blackboard with a list of players and teams. These players are all free agents (and the Browns have at least attempted to acquire one of them, submitting an offer for the Bengals Andrew Hawkins). 

Is it their free-agent board? Someone on Reddit thought so and grabbed a screenshot of it.

We can see that Ben Tate (a rumored target of Cleveland) of the Texans is on there, along with Darrelle Revis of the Buccaneers (Cleveland's reportedly been interested in pairing him with Joe Haden, which would be awesome). 

But easily the highlight of this entire thing -- regardless of whether or not it's actually their free-agent board and regardless of whether or not it actually tells us something -- is that REX GROSSMAN is on the list. 

Of course, that actually makes sense, because Sexy Rexy and Kyle Shanahan are tied at the hip. So maybe this is the board after all. 

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