Eagles: Riley Cooper 'to seek outside assistance' after racial slur

After Riley Cooper’s recent racial slur was discovered on Wednesday, the Eagles fined him, and later in the day, a contrite Cooper apologized to his teammates and asked for forgiveness.

Though NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the league won’t issue any additional punishments, the Eagles are not through addressing the issue.

Early Thursday afternoon, they sent out this statement:

“In meeting with Riley yesterday, we decided together that his next step will be to seek outside assistance to help him fully understand the impact of his words and actions. He needs to reflect. As an organization, we will provide the resources he needs to do so.”

It’s unclear exactly what this “outside assistance” will be, but Eagles quarterback Michael Vick made it clear publicly Wednesday that he has begun to forgive his teammate.

“[Cooper] being my brother, knowing him for so long, it's hard to defend him saying that. At the same, time, it happened. We talked about it man to man, one on one. We just know that we have to some way move on. It's a very delicate situation. But we all understand. Somehow we all have to find a way to get past it. That's maturity in itself …

“Riley is still my teammate. And he just stood in front of us as a man and apologized for what he said. And somewhere deep down, you have to find some level of respect for that. Riley wished he never said it.”

Now, it seems as though Cooper will get to explore why he said it in the first place.

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