Falcons' Asante Samuel: Why announce your sexuality?

Falcons corner Asanta Samuel wants to know why anyone --gay or straight -- needs to reveal their sexuality. (USATSI)

On Monday, NBA player Jason Collins became the first active player in a major U.S. sport to come out as gay. Since then, reaction in the NFL has ranged from support, to Mike Wallace wondering 'why guys wanna mess with other guys,' to Hines Ward saying he doesn't believe the NFL is ready for an openly gay player.  

The latest NFL reaction comes from Atlanta Falcons cornerback Asante Samuel, who is wondering why anyone -- straight or gay -- has to announce their sexuality. 

"Straight people are not announcing they're straight, so why does everybody have to announce their sexuality or whatever? You know, what they prefer," Samuel said in an interview with Fox Sports Radio. "So that's just how I see it. That's my opinion on things. All respect you know, I have nothing but respect for the people whoever decisions they make and whatever, but you know, you don't have to show it and flaunt it like that. You know what I'm saying, we have kids out here too."

Samuel doesn't seem to be the only NFL player that feels this way. In March, Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons tweeted on the subject of gay athletes coming out and said "something's should be left at home." 

Samuel seemingly wants people to focus on athletes for the sport they play, not for their sexuality. "Who says you had to announce what you are and that has to be talked about because you're playing a sport? Talk about the sport, how good you do in the sport," Samuel said. "What you did the last game, keep that like that. You don't have to go into detail about other things. Lets keep it about the touchdowns, the baskets made, the shots, the assists, the goals made."

The topic of a gay player coming out still seems to be a divisive one in the NFL and it's hard to say if it will happen sooner -- like the Chris Kluwe's and Brendon Ayanbadejo's of the world think it will -- or later, like Ward thinks. 

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