Fans speak: Tim Tebow should be Jets starting quarterback

Throughout the season Rex Ryan has said Mark Sanchez is his guy and he’s sticking with him at starting quarterback. However, always outspoken New Yorkers and the rest of America think differently. With Sanchez living at the bottom of the passing percentage rankings (55.4) and running into the hindquarters of his teammates, fans want to see a change in the pocket.

Our NFL on CBS Facebook poll asked the nation “Who do you think should be the New York Jets starting QB?” and a resounding 73 percent of our 28,609 voters said Tim Tebow should be under center. Greg McElroy came in at a distant 18 percent and Sanchez at a lowly nine percent. 

The voting took on a personality of its own with some surprising findings. 

SoCal? So what: California’s native son, Sanchez, received only 15 percent of the votes in his home state. Was taking the USC Trojans to a little thing called the Rose Bowl not enough? Where’s the loyalty in the Golden State?

Whose house?: The hometown/field advantage worked for both Tebow and McElroy. Florida came through for Tebow with 79 percent of their votes and 52 percent of Alabama, where McElroy led them to the 2010 BCS Championship victory, voted for him.

Big Apple big mouths: New Yorkers made their voice heard and an overwhelming 64 percent want to see Tebow sling the ball. Their choice comes as no surprise after the crowd taunts of Fireman Ed for wearing a Sanchez jersey drove the super fan to resign from his position. Sanchez is basically persona non-grata in the Big Apple.  

Age ain’t nothing but a number: It seems no matter the age, folks love them some Tebow. He grabbed 79 percent of the 13-17 year olds, 75 percent of 18-25 year olds and up to 69 percent for the 25+ crowd. 

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