Geno Smith doesn't think watching tape on Revis is 'necessary'

If I was a rookie quarterback about to start my first game in the NFL against one of the best corners in football, the first thing I would do is study tape of that corner. Especially if it was Darrelle Revis. Geno Smith, named on Wednesday as starting quarterback for the Jets, feels differently.

Smith said he doesn't "think it's necessary" to watch tape on Revis before he goes up against the Buccaneers on Sunday.

"I mean, I don’t think it’s necessary," Smith said. "Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. You pretty much get the idea of what kind of player he is based on his reputation."

Right, I can totally see how you base your offensive attack solely on his reputa-- ... wait, what?

Excuse me while I whip out my "oh my god I need to challenge this statement while simultaneously throwing a red flag" NFL-relevant picture gallery:

Surely Geno can't be serious about that. Darrelle Revis, one of the best defensive players in the game, is going to be hawking his every move in his first NFL game and he's not going to study him?

And not only is Geno not going to study Revis, he's just going to rely on what Mark Sanchez says about Revis? If these quotes hadn't been distributed by the Jets I wouldn't believe this is real life.

"I mean, we all know about Revis," Smith said. "Basically from talking to Mark, talking to our personnel guys around here. If you talk to anyone in this locker room they’ll let you know when healthy [Revis is] one of the best if not the best corner in the game. He’s the guy you definitely have to pay attention to on the field."

Is Geno joking? He must be joking but apparently he's just not. It's worth noting that Smith said he took upon himself to start watching a bunch of Buccaneers film in preparation for the upcoming Week 1 game. That's a good thing. But one of my biggest concerns would be Revis.

Not sure how this story hasn't gotten more run (maybe actual football is the sideshow for the Jets circus?) but as you can imagine, word of this most ridiculous notion made its way to Revis. 

And Revis found the idea of Geno not studying film of the Buccaneers top corner quite amusing.

"I don't understand why [laughing] he didn't study me?" Revis said. "[Laughing more] Because I will be on the opposite side. But I don't know what their gameplan or their preparation is. And personally I don't know what Geno's preparation is but I would hope if you're playing against another opponent you should [laughing once more] study everybody on the opposing team.

"I'm studying him. [still laughing] Just to let him know, I'm studying him."

That's the only reaction you can have, really. You're Darrelle Revis, the best cornerback on the planet, you're playing the team that just traded you, that team is starting a rookie quarterback, that rookie quarterback -- who has access to TONS of Revis film -- just said he isn't studying you.

There's not much else to do other than laugh.

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