Gronkowski takes issue with Broncos CB saying 'you gotta hit him low'

Rob Gronkowski suffered an ACL injury in December 2013, after taking a direct hit to his knee from then-Browns safety T.J. Ward. The tackle ended the Patriots tight end's season.

Ward now plays for the Broncos.

Almost two years later, in November 2015, Gronkowski suffered another knee injury in a game against -- you guessed it -- the Broncos.

But Gronk missed just one game and is fully healthy heading into Sunday's AFC Championship Game matchup against, yes, the Broncos. The gum-flapping has already reached a fevered pitch, with Denver defensive end Antonio Smith calling Tom Brady a crybaby, while teammate Malik Jackson referred to the quarterback as a "whiner."

There's also linebacker Brandon Marshall, who says Gronkowski is always open for one very simple reason: "Because he pushes off."

And that brings us to cornerback Chris Harris, who was asked Tuesday about how to bring down Gronk, presumably after he pushes off and makes a catch.

"You gotta hit him low, man -- hit him in his knees," Harris told ESPN. "That's the best chance you have of hitting him. You’ve got to attack him like any other man. You just come take his legs out or hold on and wait for everybody, wait for the gang to come on and gang tackle him."

Hitting players low is perfectly legal and one of the unintended consequences of the NFL trying to rid the game of head shots. And in terms of simple physics, it's a lot easier to get a 6-foot-6, 265-pound tight end to the ground by taking out his legs instead of trying to tackle him high.

And while Gronk no doubt understands that, it doesn't mean he likes it.

To paraphrase MC Hammer, the Broncos' best bet might be to pray. (Related: Please, Gronk, don't hurt 'em.)

Rob Gronkowski doesn't sound worried by the Broncos' defense. (USATSI)
Rob Gronkowski doesn't sound worried by the Broncos' defense. (USATSI)
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