Harbaugh brothers phone call got the Anquan Boldin trade started

PHOENIX -- When the Ravens and 49ers traded Anquan Boldin, it really seemed to come out of nowhere. And we found out Tuesday at the AFC coaches breakfast that it did materialize quickly and that the Harbaugh brothers were at the center of the deal.

John Harbaugh said that it was him ringing up Jim a little before the deadline and that a deal materialized as a result of them working the phone lines.

“It was me to my brother. I called him up and just said, ‘Would you be interested?’ He said, ‘Heck yeah, let me go talk to Trent.' " John said. "This was about 3:30 before the 4 o’clock deadline. He ran down to Trent and they talked, and then Trent got on the phone with Ozzie and they had it worked out."

As you might expect, however, when John called Jim wasn't entirely trusting of his own brother.

“I’m sure he was probably a little suspicious," John said laughing. "But Anquan is a great player, there’s just no denying it. From a pure value standpoint, I think they feel like they got a great deal. I know they got a great player, they got a great leader, they got a guy that will be a perfect fit in their offense in a lot of ways, and they realized that right away."

Totally understandable. I'm not sure I'd trust my own brother if he rang me up and offered me a player either.

But, just like the Harbaughs, I'd probably figure out a way to get something done if it involved a guy like Boldin at a price like a sixth-round pick.

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