Here's why the Cowboys may not be interested in Robert Griffin III

After weeks -- months, even -- of speculation that the Cowboys would be at the front of the queue to sign Robert Griffin III once the Redskins released him, several reporters who cover the Cowboys don't think it will happen.

“Not a lot of people in Dallas think he’s a great fit in Jason Garrett’s offense, and I’m told that Scott Linehan, the offensive coordinator, is really not a fan of RG3’s and doesn’t think he would excel with what the Cowboys would ask him to do,” ESPN's Ed Werder said recently, via PFT.

And last week, Jean-Jacques Taylor, who wrote for the Dallas Morning News before joining, didn't mince words: "Griffin isn't the answer. In December, one member of the Cowboys' front office said Griffin was an even worse fit in the Cowboys' offense than [Johnny] Manziel. What you must understand is that the Cowboys run a timing-based passing scheme, built around quarterbacks throwing the ball just as the receiver makes his break. No way, based on what we’ve seen during his four-year NFL career, could Griffin successfully run the Cowboys’ offense."

Turns out, Robert Griffin III may not end up in Dallas after all. (USATSI)
Turns out, Robert Griffin III may not end up in Dallas after all. (USATSI)

These observations come a month after Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones talked about taking risks on young quarterbacks currently on other rosters. He has also spoken highly of both Griffin and Manziel.

In May 2014, weeks after passing on Manziel in the NFL Draft, Jones said, "If we had picked Manziel, he'd guarantee our relevance for 10 years." By October of that year, Jones told reporters that he had been instructed to quit talking about Manziel.

Six months later, here's what Jones said about Griffin.

"I'm a fan of RG3," he told NFL Network at the time. "Right on this [Dallas] field two years ago, or maybe it was three seasons ago, he put on a show and had a great game that just floored me. And [the Redskins] won -- and they won in large part because of his play at quarterback. I thought, 'My goodness, we're going to have to be playing this guy for years and years.' So he's got it. Once you see a player do it, especially if you see him do it two or three times, you know he can do it. And of course he's a driven young man. I'm a big admirer of RG3."

Griffin reportedly wants to play for the Cowboys (or at least he did late last season), and his college coach, Art Briles, said Dallas would be a great fit for the former Heisman Trophy winner. Even former Cowboys great Troy Aikman thinks that Griffin or Manziel will be Romo's backup next season.

Werder concedes that Manziel would have been in the mix in Dallas had he avoided all the off-field issues. For now, Jones is hoping Romo can stay healthy because the only other quarterback currently on the Cowboys' roster is undrafted free agent Kellen Moore.

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