Is Greg Schiano also making Darrelle Revis unhappy?

Is Greg Schiano too strict on his players? (USATSI)
Is Greg Schiano too strict on his players? (USATSI)

The Buccaneers season is off to an awful start.

Tampa Bay has lost its first two games and its franchise quarterback is thinking about requesting a trade because his relationship with the coaching staff has gotten so bad and because there might have been a conspiracy in how he lost his team captaincy.

Which means the report from Fox Sports that high-priced free agent cornerback Darrelle Revis is unhappy with coach Greg Schiano because of his strict rules actually makes some sense.

Not only is Revis reportedly not pleased because of the strict nature of the program Schiano runs -- especially when you compare it to his former team and Jets coach Rex Ryan -- but he also is unhappy supposedly because the secondary is playing more zone coverage than Revis wants.

If this is true, it continues a disturbing trend between Schiano and the players he coaches or, like Kellen Winslow, the players he used to coach.

As for Revis’ reaction to the report, here’s what he wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

No matter what Revis tweets, there seems to be some real problems in the Buccaneers locker room. Whether the problems lay with Schiano’s handling of the players or the attitudes of the players themselves, it seems like winning would be one major solution.

Unfortunately for Schiano, that hasn’t happened yet.

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