Is Rob Gronkowski 'moving past' off-field antics?

The Summer of Gronk Part Deux appears to be over before it ever began. Rob Gronkowski is doing a media tour as part of being up for the Madden 13 cover vote and appeared on SportsCenter Wednesday morning but was unwilling to discuss his off-field antics from earlier this offseason.

Gronk is everyone's favorite big meathead and he never did anything wrong, but it stands to reason that Mike Freeman's report from February has come to fruition: the Patriots had a chat with their tight end about how he acts away from the football field.

The tight end also confirmed that the reported third surgery on his arm actually did happen.

"Yes that's accurate," Gronkowski said of the third surgery. "We'll have a clean bill of health. I'm actually so excited. I haven't played in a while. Haven't been in that weight room in a while. Once I'm cleared I'm going crazy in that weight room and conditioning and getting back out there and getting my body back in football shape."

It was a weird interview. We're used to seeing Gronk being outspoken and funny and energetic. He was none of those things Tuesday and, honestly, looked and sounded sedated.

Additionally, it was clear he wasn't taking any questions about the Summer of Gronk Part Deux

"I know last summer you called the Summer of Gronk," the SC anchor asked. "I know we're moving past that ... So I'm going to ask you instead about your violent spikes."

Nothing Gronk did this offseason was bad by any stretch of the imagination. He wore a "Sorry for Partying" shirt and held a stuffed alligator. He gave a kid $100. He likes to dance shirtless and wrestle on the dance floor.

None of it is illegal and most of it's fun to watch. But it sure does look like the Patriots finally grew sick of the coverage Gronk was drawing off the field and judging by his demeanor, someone finally had a talk with him.

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