Jeff Garcia: Tim Tebow 'brings distraction' to Jets

Is Tim Tebow leaving New York? Jeff Garcia thinks he should, calling the Jets backup quarterback a 'distraction.' (USATSI)

If former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia was the general manager of the New York Jets, Tim Tebow wouldn't have a job -- at least not with the Jets. Garcia, who's been tutoring Jets starter Mark Sanchez this offseason, thinks having Tebow on the roster is a distraction because Tebow's never going to win the starting job. 

"If there's going to be competition at the position, it's not going to come from Tim Tebow," Garcia told USA Today. "Having Tebow there [last season] just became more of a distraction, more of a circus show. Obviously, it's their decision, but from an outsider looking in, having Tebow there doesn't bring anything positive. It just brings distraction."

Garcia thinks Sanchez's competition this offseason will come from two other quarterbacks on the Jets roster: one who hasn't thrown an NFL pass since December 2010 and one who has 16 less career touchdown passes than Tebow, "For Mark, the main competition is going to be with David Garrard and Greg McElroy," Garcia said. 

The Jets current quarterback situation isn't fair to anyone, including Tebow, according to Garcia.

"When you're a quarterback, you don't need artificial competition," Garcia said. "And it's not fair to Tim to put him through all that. If there'a a place for Tim that gives him a chance to be a contributor in an offense with another team, let him go be that guy." 

Since Garcia has been working out with Sanchez for the better part of a month now, it's fair to ask: are these Garcia's thoughts alone or are these issues Sanchez brought up during the duo's tutoring sessions?

Garcia is working with Sanchez because of his familiarity with the offense that new Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg runs. Garcia played under Mornhinweg in both San Francisco and Philadephia. 

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