Josh Cribbs on why Jets can rebound from loss: 'We're not the Browns'

That didn't take long: Josh Cribbs is already taking shots at the Browns. (
The Jets were embarrassed Sunday by the Bengals, so much so that coach Rex Ryan decided not to show his team the game film in an effort to put the debacle behind them as quickly as possible.

But despite the 49-9 beatdown that offered few bright spots (hey, at least they didn't score 50!), return specialist and wide receiver Josh Cribbs offered one big reason for hope.

"We're not the Browns," said Cribbs (via, who spent his first eight years in Cleveland where he enjoyed exactly one winning season.

"We're not the team that gives up," he continued, apparently forgetting the 49 points the Bengals had just hung on the Jets. "We have fight in this team. They're a motivated bunch of young guys. I'm just happy to be here and be able to contribute ... Love it here. We lost. It's going to be a lesson for us and we're going to play harder. It's good that it comes now because we're still in the mix of this. We're halfway through the season."

Cribbs pointed to the Week 7 win over the Patriots as proof that fortunes can change in days.

They said, 'The Patriots was coming,' and we showed them. So we're not afraid of nobody," Cribbs said of facing the Saints this week. "And they're coming to us ... So we don't care who we play -- the Saints, it could be anybody. We showed everybody last week. They didn't think we had a shot. So everybody in the NFL world, they're going to say, 'Oh, the Jets are just an average team' until we prove them wrong again."

The most amazing thing about Cribbs' remarks isn't the faulty logic ("We showed everybody last week!"), it's that he never made comments like this in Cleveland. He's been in New York two weeks and he's already channeling 2009-2011 Rex Ryan.

Either way, you've been warned, New Orleans.

In related news: The Jets (4-4) have one more win than the Browns (3-4).

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