Josh Sitton knows how to survive a zombie apocalypse

Josh Sitton will survive that zombie apocalypse.
Josh Sitton will survive that zombie apocalypse. (USATSI)

What football player would be best equipped to survive the zombie apocalypse? Assuming that you believe it's coming (and why shouldn't you?) then it's good to be prepared. Packers guard Josh Sitton is just that.

Sitton appeared on the Jim Rome Show Monday and told Rome that he would outlast teammate Greg Van Roten when the world was taken over by brain-dead cannibals.

"He’s not a survivor," Sitton said of Van Roten. "He’s a Yankee boy from up there in New York. He doesn’t know how to live on the land. I’ve been hunting for a long time. I know how to use a gun and clean an animal. He’s smart, I’ll give him that. He’s got me in that department, but I’m going to outlive him for sure. And he’s way worse of an athlete than me."

Sitton's a really underrated athlete actually. You never hear people talk about offensive lineman as "great athletes," mainly because they're so big. But Sitton's a really impressive athlete. He also typically sports a very impressive beard.

That's going to help him out against zombies and in the cold weather.

"You get to cold weather," Sitton said. "Zombies definitely don’t like cold weather and you already have a plan in place, people you trust that you have to be around. Then you have lots of weapons and you try to fortify yourself in a big place with a big old fence. Then you try to just rock on and kill lots of zombies. That’s honestly I hope how I go out someday, in a zombie apocalypse."

Don't we all. On the other hand, how tough can Sitton really be if he was about to cry after the Packers managed to storm back and beat the Cowboys? He told Rome it "took everything" not to break out in tears after the Packers miraculous comeback win.

"The meaning of the game, keeping us alive in the playoffs, for the playoff push, it was huge,” Sitton said. "I was almost in tears after the game. It took everything in me to not cry, it was one of those things that you were kind of speechless."

See, Dez Bryant? It's totally cool to think about crying or talk about crying -- or even cry, really -- as long as you don't do it after running off the field in front of millions of armchair quarterbacks watching on television.

Oh right, and Rome also asked Sitton about important stuff like whether Aaron Rodgers will play on Sunday in Week 16.

“I know as much as you all do,” said Sitton. “But I would assume [quickly], because he was so close last week. He looked good at practice."

Listen to the full interview here.

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