Julian Edelman denies Tom Brady a high 5

Taking his cue from Ravens coach John Harbaugh, who was sadly denied a chest-bump last week, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady attempted to give receiver Julian Edelman some props Sunday.

And Edelman left him hanging.

It appeared as though Brady was saying, “Good job, man,” as Edelman walked by. Then, when he realized he was going to be denied, you can see Brady’s face begin to fall, like when your hero ignores your autograph request and just walks on by like you don’t even exist.

It’s unclear whether Brady pretended to stretch or to scratch his head in a lame attempt to make it look like he wasn’t just dissed by his teammate. More than likely, though, Brady just dropped his hand and hoped that TV cameras didn’t catch it.

Either way, it’s cool. Brady most likely gets way more high-fives than he fails to give. 

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