Just Because: A fond happy 109th birthday to Tony Kostos

In just five years in the NFL, Tony Kostos played a variety of positions. He was an offensive tackle, an offensive end, a defensive tackle, a defensive end and a place-kicker.

I'm pretty sure you've never heard of Kostos, who was born 109 years ago Thursday and who died in 1984. And why would you? He played for the Frankford Yellow Jackets (the forerunner for the Eagles) for most of his career, and he also spent one game with the Minneapolis Redjackets. His NFL career was finished by 1931 when the college game was much more popular than the professional version.

So, why are we featuring him here today? Because Kostos was a prophet; a man who could look into the future and see what was to be important; the player who knew, in his heart of hearts, that one day people would actually care about the pro game.

From the Sept. 5, 1935 edition of the Reading (Pa.) Eagle:

So, a fond happy birthday to you, Tony Kostos. May your on-field versatility and your off-field soothsaying continue to be celebrated.

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