Just Because: Blaine Gabbert is a Real American

No matter what you think about Jaguars starting quarterback Blaine Gabbert or his chances of continuing to be the Jaguars starting quarterback after this season, say one thing about Gabbert: somebody out there loves him (and compares him, by song, to Hulk Hogan).*

*This could be, by the way, all just brilliant satire.


(H/T to SI.com’s Doug Farrar)

A couple things I took away from this video:

  • Do NOT blitz Gabbert on third down. You will pay the price, because he’ll hit a receiver right in stride (methinks the lyricist needs a little work on his rhyming).
  • In his career, Gabbert has thrown 21 touchdowns. This video shows 23.8 percent of them. It shows zero percent of his 17 career interceptions.
  • At the 1:12 mark, Gabbert is shown running out of bounds after scrambling for about six yards. Huh? (This is further proof that perhaps this video is a bit sarcastic)
  • If you criticize Blaine Gabbert, this video confirms that Blaine will not cry Blaine tears.

Overall, a job well done by the video’s creator and the song’s signer. I just can’t wait to see the eventual Chad Henne “Real American” video.

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