Lions fan alleges he was attacked by Eagles fans Sunday

Eagles fans (not pictured) allegedly attacked a Lions fan after the game Sunday.
Eagles fans (not pictured) allegedly attacked a Lions fan after the game Sunday. (USATSI)

The Eagles handed a pretty bad (football) beatdown to the Lions on Sunday in one of the snowiest games we've seen in a long time. And one Lions fan who attended the game alleges he got pretty bad (real life) beatdown from Eagles fans afterwards.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer (via The Big Lead), an unnamed Lions fan and Philadelphia resident was "harassed and beaten unconscious" outside of Lincoln Financial Field following Detroit's loss on Sunday.

The victim claims that he was walking by the XFinity Live complex when several men in their 20's, wearing Eagles jerseys, started throwing snowballs at him.

"I tried to keep my head down and avoid them," he said. "I didn't want to give them the satisfaction."

He then alleges that the men in question blocked his path and he said "Are you guys serious? You won, enjoy it."

After that one of the men slapped his head, another pushed him and the group "bum rushed" him. The victim woke up to another Eagles fan standing over him trying to help him.

He claims that the Eagles fan who helped him was "so disgusted" that he took off his Eagles jersey and threw it in a trash can.

Police are currently looking at camera footage to try and figure out who's behind the attacks; Captain Laurence Nodiff called them "despicable" and said the police are "not going to tolerate it."

"These despicable attacks on fans who are rooting for other teams is something we don't take lightly, and we're not going to tolerate it," Nodiff said.

Not that it needs to be said, but it's just a game people. Harming another person over a sporting event -- especially one that you won is beyond reprehensible.

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