LOOK: Marshawn Lynch parks his Lambo behind velvet ropes

Marshawn Lynch parks his Lamborghini with velvet ropes.
MarshawnLynch is just 'bout that action, boss. (USATSI)

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Over the past year, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch managed to develop into the Internet's NFL darling. Maybe it's his treatment of the media or maybe it's just because he's 'bout that action, boss.

Look, if you've got the kind of money it takes to own a Lambo, then you've definitely got enough money to either a) buy velvet ropes and carry them around or b) pay someone else to drive around in a normal person car solely for the purpose of putting velvet ropes around your car every time you park and then removing them before you get back in.

No idea if Marshawn is actually doing this -- or, really, if this is even actually his car. But we can certainly all dream.

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