LOOK: NFL Films unveils new statue of Steve Sabol

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Along with his father, Steve Sabol helped turn NFL Films into a cultural giant, and it's hard to imagine how much different watching and remembering football would be today if Ed Sabol and his boy hadn't come along and shown true innovation in how they filmed the game.

Steve died in 2012 at the age of 69, about a year after Ed was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but his legacy that produced 35 individual Emmy awards lives on at NFL Films headquarters.

On Monday, this statue of Steve as a young man and a cinematographer with the company was unveiled. Via the NFL Films Instagram page:

As the caption on Instagram reads: "A closer view of the new Steve Sabol statue just unveiled at NFL Films. It was created from photos of him when he was younger. And, like Steve, it is larger than life. The sculptor's young daughters nicknamed it appropriately: 'Big Steve.'"

A nice statue and a tribute to a man who left the game a far better place than how he found it. 

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